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Betty MacDonald and very special food

Betty MacDonald in the living room at Vashon on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.
Betty MacDonald fan club fans,
i'm rereading Betty MacDonald's very exciting experiences on Vashon Island in Winter.

Betty Macdonald described this very difficult situation  in her outstanding book Onions in the Stew.

I guess Betty MacDonald would totally agree with Sharon Brewington's experiences. 
In Baltimore, shopper Sharon Brewington remembered how she and her daughter were left with just noodles and water when the last big snowstorm struck in 2010. 
"I'm not going to make that mistake again," she said.
We can understand this very well. 
Only water and noodles............    nooooo!
Read the latest news regarding the monster storm, please.
( updates below )

We already mentioned the new Betty MacDonald fan club item ' Betty MacDonald in Winter '.

A Betty MacDonald fan club member recently shared some very interesting Betty MacDonald photos including pictures of Betty as a child in a real Winter season with lots of snow.

We have a great Betty MacDonald fan club Winter surprise for you.

We are working on a new Betty MacDonald fan club essay entitled ' Betty MacDonald and snow '.

There will be a new DVD entitled ' Betty MacDonald and the World Day of the Snowman ' presenting several International Betty MacDonald fan club activities. 

Fred got the excellent idea to organize a Betty MacDonald fan club Snowman contest.

Send us a photo of your favourite snowman and you can some very new interesting Betty MacDonald fan club items.

Deadline: January 31, 2016 

Betty MacDonald described Winter season in a magical way but as we know Life can be rather hard on Vashon Island during Winter.

Our new Betty MacDonald and Alison Bard Burnett CD and DVD are perfect gifts. 

Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli is our hero and a very much  beloved guy. 

Don't miss Brad Craft's very interesting thoughts, please.

Something very special!

This is an interview with Elizabeth an owner of a traditional Mongolian Ger (yurt). 

Elizabeth has been living in her yurt since early last fall through the rainy NW winter on Vashon Island.

Take care,

Greta & Nina 
Don't miss this very special book, please.

Vita Magica 

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Winter Storm Live Updates: Massive Snowstorm Slams East Coast

Ongoing coverage of aftermath of the deadly snowstorm that broke records and impacted millions of people on the East Coast.

What we know

  • Federal workers in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia were ordered to stay home Monday.
  • At least 30 deaths have been blamed on the severe weather.
  • Airports are recovering, but at least 1,500 flighs were canceled Monday, FlightAware said at 7:30 a.m. ET
  • New York City missed is its all-time storm record by a tenth of an inch, with 26.8 inches at Central Park. Meanwhile, 30.1 inches was recorded at JFK airport.
  • Worst-hit was the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, according to the National Weather Service, with 42 inches recorded in Glengarry and 40.5 in Shepherdstown.

The Latest from the Storm

And the Winner for Biggest Snowfall Goes to ...

... The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Huge numbers piled up in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania and greater New York City, but several little towns tucked into the eastern arm of West Virginia got it the worst.
According to National Weather Service, 42 inches fell in Glengary and 40.5 inches in Shepherdstown.
Other big numbers:
39 inches at Philomont, Virginia
38.5 in East Potomac, Montgomery County, Maryland
38.3 in Greencastle, Pennsylvania
36.4 in Winebrenners Crossroad, West Virginia
36.3 in Round Hill, Loudon County, Virginia
Alastair Jamieson
Airports were slowly returning to normal Monday but at least 1,503 flight cancelations were already listed by 7.30 a.m. ET, according to FlightAware.
Newark, LaGuardia and Washington Dulles were the three worst-affected, the website said. Almost 30 inches of snow fell at Dulles over the weekend.

At Newark, the home hub of United Airlines, 235 flights were listed as canceled — some 44 percent of the schedule.
The airline said it was bringing workers from Chicago and Houston to help clear a backlog of stranded passengers at Newark and Dulles.
FlightAware said 3,525 flights were canceled Sunday, adding to a total of 12,623 since Friday.
Crews have been working 24/7 up and down the East Coast to clear away all the snow, but it's slow going.

Millions trudge back to work after record snowfall 2:42

Alastair Jamieson
New York has issued an appeal for emergency snow laborers to help dig snow and ice from bus stops, crosswalks and fire hydrants, starting at $13.50 per hour.
"This was one of the worst storms to ever hit New York City, and we need all hands on deck to dig us out," Mayor Bill de Blasio said.
Interested individuals can register at local sanitation every day this week, the city said.

A piece of plywood painted white that's used to measure snowfall levels. What could possibly go wrong during a blizzard?

The weekend's blizzard produced beautiful scenes in Long Island's Suffolk County.

Watch Drone Video of the Snow on Long Island 0:37

The 22 inches of snow that buried Waynesboro, Virginia, left a bowling alley badly damaged.
"A lot of people have grown up in this bowling alley," employee Jetanna Eckard said.

Snow Buckles Roof of Iconic Bowling Alley 0:37

The storm's fallout — from space.

Another weekend, another storm?
The Weather Channel's Quincy Vagell warns that's a possibility — with snow, sleet or freezing rain potentially affecting parts of the East Coast at the end of the week.
"Since this potential storm is still several days out, a lot of scenarios are still on the table," he said. "This storm, if it does develop, is unlikely to be another historic snowmaker. Still, some areas recently affected ... could have more wintry weather to deal with, less than a week after the record-breaking storm departed."

NC State University's Climate Office has revealed another record that was smashed by Saturday's snow.

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser said her city's government and public schools would remain closed Monday as crews try to clear secondary and residential roads from feet of snow that fell during the blizzard over the weekend.
The city would not be picking up trash on Monday or Tuesday, Bowser said.
She warned residents that temperatures were predicted to drop each night this week, making for "continued slick and dangerous roadways."
Bowser urged shops and businesses to open Monday, but only if they make it safe for shoppers to come and go. "Please shovel your walks," the mayor said.

Washington D.C. Mayor: Public Schools, Gov't Closed on Monday 1:53

Flights to Resume at Dulles International Airport in D.C.

About 270 flights in and out of Washington Dulles International Airport were cancelled Sunday, according to Things were looking up for the start of the work week.

Federal Offices in Washington, D.C., Closed Monday

All federal offices in Washington, D.C., would be closed Monday, according to the U.S. Office of Emergency Management. Officials said earlier Sunday that all public schools in the city would also be closed Monday.

Frank Thorp V

Senate Postpones Judge Vote Due to Storm

The Senate postponed a vote that was set to take place on Tuesday due to the severity of the storm.
The vote on the nomination of John M. Vazquez of New Jersey to be U.S. District Judge for the District of New Jersey, which had already been postponed from Monday, will take place Wednesday.
The House of Representative had already canceled all votes this week, which were scheduled to take place Monday through Wednesday, due to the storm.

DC digging out from massive snowstorm 1:31

John Makely

Time Lapse Video Shows Blizzard Blanketing Capital

Washington, D.C., was covered in nearly 2 feet of snow in less than two days, leaving traffic crippled and prompting officials to close schools on Monday.
Watch from the moment the snow began falling at 1 p.m. Friday:

Time Lapse DC 2016: Blizzard Blankets The Nation's Capital, Quickly 2:42

Jacob Rascon

South New Jersey Struggles With Severe 'Chest-High' Flooding

South Jersey was largely covered in water Sunday after this weekend's monster winter storm brought intense tidal surges.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Sunday morning called flooding in coastal towns "mild to moderate," but residents on social media encouraged the governor to visit Cape May, Atlantic City, West Wildwood and Sea Isle City because they didn't consider feet of water "mild."

Police told NBC News that flood conditions in West Wildwood were "worse than Sandy."
"If you're looking at tide heights for us, we had more tide heights, higher now than Sandy," said West Wildwood Mayor Christopher Fox.

N.J. Shore Mayor says Winter Storm Tides Higher Than Sandy 0:34
At least 100 homes had water inside of them, and many more could be flooded, but crews couldn't get to them to inspect, officials said.
"We are having a hard time determining if flood waters entered properties living areas," the West Wildwood Police Department said on Facebook.

"Saturday morning tide was the worst — it was about chest high," Fox said, adding that the situation was "very, very dangerous."

See Parts of New Jersey Flooded After the Blizzard 0:42
State authorities "don't talk about us because we don't make a big issue of it," Fox said. He said city clean up crews do their jobs, and "when it's done we ask for help if we need it. We're very confident in ourselves."
The Atlantic City Police Department shared pictures of flooding on their Twitter account, but said all roads had reopened.

Elisha Fieldstadt

Hundreds Take Part in Massive Snowball Fight in Washington, D.C.

More than 500 people made the best of blizzard conditions in Washington, D.C., by throwing down during a massive snowball fight in Dupont Circle, according to the D.C. Snowball Fight Association, which organized the fight.

Giant Snowball Fight Erupts in Washington, D.C. 0:26
The association organizes a snowball fight each time the capital gets a significant snowfall, according to their Facebook page. For people who couldn't make it to Dupont Circle in the nearly 19 inches of accumulation, the association put out a map of other snow skirmishes going on Sunday.

Elisha Fieldstadt

Schools Closed Monday in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., public schools will be closed Monday, as the city struggles to dig out from about 19 inches of snow, Mayor Muriel Bowser said Sunday.
Chris Geldart, the director of the district's Homeland Security and Management agency, said the response phase to clean up the snow would take more than a day, and the recovery phase would take "much longer than that."

D.C. Mayor: Public Schools Closed on Monday 0:36
He said temperatures were forecast to fall below freezing Sunday night, which would hamper snow removal efforts and make salt on street ineffective.
Other Washington, D.C. officials said emergency crews were having a hard time getting into some neighborhoods, and asked residents to avoid driving and walking on the roads for at least two days. Bowser said anyone who got in the way of the snow removal effort could be ticketed.

White House Cleans Up After Massive Storm 0:52

Elisha Fieldstadt

New York City and Long Island Spring Back to Life

New York City and Long Island were resuming normal transportation operations Sunday morning after a travel ban that lasted from 2:30 p.m. Saturday to 7 a.m. Sunday was lifted.
The storm brought New York City's second highest snowfall since record-keeping began in 1869, with 26.8 inches, and many other parts of New York and Long Island saw up to 2 feet of snow.

Beginning Sunday, residents could use normally operating buses, bridges, tunnels, above ground subways and soon would be able to hop on Metro North trains, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a news conference. Airports were also reopened, although hundreds of flights in and out of the region had been canceled.
Broadway shows also were to reopen Sunday after all were canceled Saturday.
The one sore spot was the Long Island Railroad, which remained closed due to buried tracks and stations. Cuomo said a 6 p.m. update would provide more clarity about whether the railroad would resume service in time for Monday morning's commute.

Cuomo said the travel ban paved the way for a successful response to the storm.
"I know the ban served its purpose," he said. "I know New Yorkers were inconvenienced, but in true New Yorker spirit, they rose to the occasion."
While the travel ban was lifted, Cuomo urged people to remain off the roads if they didn't need to be out Sunday. Five people died in New York while shoveling snow, but the state had yet to see any fatal weather-related traffic accidents, he said.

Elisha Fieldstadt

New Jersey is 'Clear,' Governor Says

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday that state crews had cleared roads after Saturday's blizzard and encouraged residents to go about their business.
"You can travel all across New Jersey today — it's clear," Christie said during a morning news conference, a day after the storm dumped up to 2 feet of snow on Saturday.
While officials in New York and Washington, D.C., urged people to stay off the roads, Christie said there was no reason for New Jersey residents to stay home.
He said no one had died in the state due to the storm, and that fewer than 300 weather-related traffic accidents were reported. And while coastal flooding was a big concern during the storm's tidal surges, only "minor to moderate flooding" hit the shoreline, and no property was significantly damaged, Christie said.
While 94,000 customers across New Jersey were without power at the peak of the storm, only 25,000 customers remained without power on Sunday morning. Christie said most would have electricity restored by the end of the day.
"I look forward to a normal and regular work week tomorrow," Christie said.