Saturday, August 25, 2012

Betty MacDonald Interview


I know for most Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans highlight of Betty MacDonald Fan Club Olympic Meeting London 2012 was seeing a small part of this unique Betty MacDonald interview in colour.

We hope to see it in full length because we adore Betty MacDonald so much.

It's such a great document.

Speaking of great documents we have a special Betty MacDonald gift for a beloved Betty MacDonald Fan Club member.

It's a very exciting  story and Michaal will talk about it in September.

As you can see there is something new under the sun every day. You know what I mean!

No secrets anymore. Anwers, please. .

Who is Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest winner?

The answer for Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest was easy, wasn't it: Where did Betty MacDonald describe her experiences with a mouse?

Which Betty MacDonald Fan Club member visited Washington State?

Have a very nice sunday.

I'm visiting the park with my family today because it's a perfect day to do it.