Friday, August 3, 2012

Betty MacDonald biography


Betty MacDonald Fan Club Olympic Meeting in London is such a great event.

Brit, Mara and Betty MacDonald Fan Club Fans, I found the first UK edition of Betty MacDonald's Who, me?

There are two letters in the book.

The former owner of the book wrote to Betty MacDonald in 1957.

He got a very sad answer from Betty MacDonald's sister Mary Bard Jensen.

( see Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter August Page 4 )

Exciting news.

One of our beloved Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor members is visiting a very special region.
I guess it's Washington State.

Who is it?  We want to know it.

Is it possible to publish some more Betty MacDonald interviews?
The Betty MacDonald interviews by Wolfgang Hampel are my favourites.

Publish more of it, please.

A Betty MacDonald fan from Seattle told me that the Bard house in the University District, described by Betty MacDonald in Anybody can do anything, has been recently demolished.

If this it true it's very sad.

Perhaps someone has more info.

Thank you.