Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Betty MacDonald interview in colour


Yes, Sandrine:    WE    ARE    HAPPY   TO   BE   IN  LONDON !

Olympic Games and Betty MacDonald Fan Club Olympic Meeting London 2012 are  fascinating events.

We enjoyed the Betty MacDonald documentary very much especially short parts of the unique Betty MacDonald interview in colour.

Betty MacDonald's answers are so funny and intelligent. She looks marvellous.

When can we see the whole Betty MacDonald interview?

Dear Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member, we hope to hear more of your very special Betty MacDonald journey.

Sandrine I agree several Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans found the most interesting Betty MacDonald items.

Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter includes a list of these treasures.

By the way my favourite Eurovision Song Contest entries are: Sweden,  Italy, Germany, Russia and Latvia.