Sunday, August 5, 2012

Betty MacDonald house DVD


It's great to join Betty MacDonald Fan Club Olympic Meeting in London.

As I'm from Switzerland I'm so glad because we won a gold medal. ( my name is Nicola but I'm not the Olympic Champion, sorry )
I feel sorry for Sweden because they also deserved a gold medal.

Beat, you are right. It was such a shame what swiss Eurovision Song Contest jury did in 1981.
German Singer Lena Valaitis with Johnny Blue is one of my Eurovision Song Contest  favourites of all times. My Nr. 1 in 1981!

Our  5 best Eurovision  songs this year are:  Sweden, Serbia, United Kingdom, Germany and Russia.
This is the opinion of the ladies in our family, my mother, daughter  and myself.
We adore the unique  russian grandmothers and their STOVE and we are in love with this very nice german guy Roman Lob and his beautiful song written by british composers.

Don't be sad, United Kingdom. We three swiss ladies are huge Engelbert fans.
Forget the Eurovision Song Contest. You won four gold medals yesterday. The british team is excellent.
We are singing Congratulations by Cliff Richard right now for our many british Betty MacDonald Fans.

I'm very sad when I'm reading that Betty MacDonald's house in Seatte has been demolished.

I'm not able to understand it because Seattle and Washington State can be very proud on world famous author Betty MacDonald and unique Bard family.

It's a very good idea to publish a special Betty MacDonald house DVD.

I adore Betty MacDonald's very witty sister Alison Bard Burnett and Betty MacDonald Fan Club founder Wolfgang Hampel.
I look forward to see the house near Roosevelt High School because I enjoy the former interviews very much.

Who is visiting the Betty MacDonald region right now? 
It might be Wolfgang Hampel with new interviews. Is it Gwen Grant or Letizia Mancino?
Come on, let us know, please.

I have a Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen surprise for you.

I met a Betty MacDonald fan  who told me she had some Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen letters.

We cooperate and we are going to write a Betty MacDonald story.

More info in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter August, Page 3, C.

Greetings from London,