Friday, August 31, 2012

Betty MacDonald and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Anita & Eartha Kitt II:

A very warm welcome dear Mary Holmes and Mr. Tigerli.

We are delighted to see Mr. Tigerli although his darling is a lion.

            TIGER    IN    LOVE   WITH   A   LION

You can't believe it.

Eartha seems  to say: Nobody is perfect.

We both enjoy Mr. Tigerli's new website very much.

It's so great reading Letizia Mancino's unique EROTICA FELINA and watching very hard working Mr. Tigerli.

Thanks a lot, Letizia Mancino, Mary Holmes and the most special Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member ever,  very active Mr. Tigerli.

Betty MacDonald  and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe laugh tears in the clouds  as we do because it's soooo  funny!

It's true they are laughing tears because  it's raining today.

Many greetings

very hard laughing Anita and Eartha Kitt II