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Betty MacDonald and Port Townsend

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Charming movie theaters, classic films, current blockbusters and great popcorn...you'll find plenty of choices for film in our small community. We have theaters located in both our historic uptown and downtown districts and even a local drive in! In September is the Port Townsend Film Festival.
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Theaters and Film Festival

The Rose Theatre and the Rosebud Cinema
235 Taylor Street, Port Townsend
Movie Info 360-385-1089, Business Office 360-385-1039

The Uptown Theatre
1120 Lawrence St., Port Townsend

Wheel-In-Motor Movie Drive-In
210 Theater Rd. (off Hwy 19), Port Townsend
Open April-November

Port Townsend Film Festival - Annual event with feature films, documentaries and classics from around the world. Held in late September each year. Women & Film is held in April.

Movies Filmed in Port Townsend

Not only do we have delightful venues for watching films in Port Townsend and an established Film Festival, but we have also been the movie location for some great films. Perhaps you dream of making a film yourself - a chance to capture a glimpse from behind the lens, or perhaps strut your stuff in front of the camera, whatever you dream...the possibilities are endless. Lights, camera, action!
An Officer and a Gentleman - drama/love story (1982)
A favorite with Debra Winger and Richard Gere in a military love story. This romantic classic was filmed at Fort Worden, the Tides Inn, the Town Tavern (now Water St. Brew Pub), Port Townsend Paper Mill and various other Port Townsend locations and on Whidbey Island.
You Can't Win - (2016)
A drama set in the 1920s hobo underworld and centered on the unusual friendship between an adventurer and a young prostitute.
Talking Heads - documentary (2009)
A locally produced documentary by filmmakers, Kristina Whipple and Gabe Van Lelyveld with over 300 interviews which asks people of all ages and backgrounds 'Who are you?' and 'What do you want out of life?' Interviewees are presented from youngest to oldest, creating a patchwork of individuals and outlooks on life. 'Talking Heads' screened at the 2009 Port Townsend Film Festival and the 2009 Local Sightings Film Festival in Seattle, WA. The film is based on a 1980 documentary of the same name by the late Krzysztof Kieslowski.
The Ring - thriller (1998)
Dreamworks aquires remake rights to The Ring after a Fine Line deal failed to materialize. Ehren Kruger, who wrote the script to the Tim Robbins vehicle Arlington Road, has signed on to pen the screenplay, with Gore Verbinski (The Mexican) directing and veteran gore artist Rick Baker providing the corpses. The story revolves around a reporter investigating the latest urban myth-- a videotape that kills whomever watches it. Now with only a week left before her own life runs out, this reporter must solve the riddle of the videotape and break its deadly curse.

800 locals signed up as extras when casting agents were in town during the fall of 2001 (15 locals were chosen). Filming began November 7th at Fort Worden State Park and continued in early December near the Quincy Street dock.
Enough - drama/thriller (2002)
Jennifer Lopez (J. Lo) and Billy Campbell came to town to film this Columbia Pictures production. Locals were cast as extras and Port Townsend streets filled with crews and Hollywood glitz for a week of filming during the summer of 2001. (PTguide's webmaster got to meet JLo!!)
The Egg and I (1947)
Author of the popular "Egg and I" book and the "Ma and Pa Kettle" series, Betty Mac Donald lived near Port Townsend. Our local video stores has the famous classic "The Egg and I" available to rent. See the Betty MacDonald Fan Club
Coast Starlight
Film crews from Thailand were here June 2000 filming a made-for-Thailand-TV Movie about a "love interest" that develops on a train trip. The Port Townsend scene involved the male lead (Touch Natakuatoong) pacing impatiently at a bus stop, apparently waiting for the female star (Ning Kulasatiee) to arrive.
Farewell to Harry (2002)
Filmmakers searched all over the country for the backdrop for this 1940's tale of one man's dream to turn an old hat factory into a vaudeville house. Writer/director, Garrett Bennett, grew up on nearby Bainbridge Island and heard about his grandparent's residence in PT which lead him to chose this location. This film was shown in the 2001 Port Townsend Film Festival.
Practical Magic (1998)
Based on the novel 'Practical Magic' by Alice Hoffman. Much of the movie was filmed on San Juan Island and the main town on "Maria's Island" (home to the Owens women) was portrayed by Coupeville on Whidbey Island. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing and Sandra Bullock in a delightful tale of two sisters with a bewitching background. San Juan Island residents were extras in the movie, and the house, cabin and set were built at San Juan County Park and land nearby. Filmmakers shopped at the PT Antique Mall for bottles and knick-knacks to use as props for the movie.
Snow Falling on Cedars (1999)
Beautiful snowy and haunting scenes in this film starring Ethan Hawke, Max von Sydow and Rick Yune, with some of the scenes filmed near the old ferry landing in downtown Port Townsend next to the old cannery building at Quincy Dock. They transformed the entire Quincy Street area by removing all the power and telephone lines and then replaced it all!
Years of the Beast (1981)
Christian "end time" rapture filmed in PT. See the Sarah Rush Fan Club.
More films shot in Port Townsend

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