Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day greetings and Happy Birthday to Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

it's a very special day today - Valentine's Day.

We are sending all our love to the international Betty MacDonald fan club fans in 40 countries.

Enjoy a  wonderful Valentine's Day with your family and friends.

It's not only Valentine's Day!

Our very much beloved Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli celebrates his birthday today.

Mr. Tigerli seems to be reluctant to share his age but as Betty MacDonald's very intelligent mother Sydney said: Age is only a number!

There are several personalities who seem to be young forever for example our famous Mr. Tigerli.

We hope you'll enjoy the delightful Mr. Tigerli story by Betty MacDonald fan club honor member, author and artist Letizia Mancino very much.

We think of Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

It would be wonderful if Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli would sing with very beautiful Natalie.

We'll see what happens.

Again - Happy Birthday deaerst Mr. Tigerli in the name of Betty MacDonald and Mr. Tigerli fans in 40 countries.

Take care,


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Mister Tigerli’s  Eurovision Song Contest

Copyright 2013 by Letizia Mancino
All rights reserved
translated by Mary Holmes

Are you saying that Mister Tigerli is in love with a new girl, Letizia?
You’ve got it, Betty.
And what’s happened to his beautiful Russian girl?
He loves her. She was with him for two whole weeks when I was in the USA. It’s just that Tigerli sometimes needs a bit of a change!
But he’s already got three girls.
He can still imagine having another.
But four would be enough!!
Not for the Casanova-cat. Oh Betty why is there in every cat a cock?
And why is there in every man a cock, Letizia?
Why, Betty?
My 'dear' Bob said  that three hens is only the “hors-d’oeuvre” for a cock
Am I only an “hors-d’oeuvre”?
Who then is his new flame?
“Natalie Horler!”
Surely not! Natalie of Cascada?
Exactly Betty, she is Mister Tigerli’s new love.
A television love then?
She sings beautifully and she is wonderful to look at!
That cat has taste!
Let’s wait and see if our Mister Tigerli feels the need of a top-model or a tennis star?
Is there also a good woman vet on the list?
Whatever for? Tigerli is a picture of health, Betty. Love keeps him young!!
In any case Tigerli is a clever cat: he is good at keeping his women occupied. You pay the rent and for his keep, Renate works in his rose garden, the Russian girl strokes him and licks his fur and Natalie?
Natalie takes care of his entertainment!
A cat with a good artistic sense!
A good artistic sense? Our Mister Tigerli? But Betty, what about my art? I hardly get to do any painting in my studio these days because I have to protect him from breathing in the turpentine fumes! 
I thought it was his studio?
Yes, yes but in the time before Mister Tigerli (b.m.t) I painted many oil paintings, but now when I sometimes do paint the pictures are covered with cat hairs!
You paint using a mixed technique, Roman Nose! Very modern!
But Betty, no one in a hundred years would believe that I had ever painted those pictures!
You’re right. The art historians will attribute all your works to Mister Tigerli!
What bad luck!
Be happy about it. That will be the only way that your pictures will come into the museums. Cat art is very sought after! When art is not innovative it has no chance!
Betty, why am I not a cat?
But now I want to know, Letizia, does Tigerli wants to get to know Natalie in person?
Naturally, and at once! He wants to practice with Natalie.
Does he want to chase mice with her?
No, he wants to sing with her!
What a wonderful idea!
You’re right Betty! In 2014 he wants to put on a performance with her!
Yes, at the Eurovision Song Contest.
They will win!
He is already practicing the Eurowalk at home.
What is the Eurowalk?
Taking long strides in very high-heeled shoes.
That must be exhausting for a cat!
And how! He walks so slowly when we walk together round the house, he needs a whole hour to mark out his small territory.
We? You also?
No I don’t do that. Naturally he marks his area alone. But I’m there as his escort!
Yes, someone could kidnap him. He’s so famous!
At the beginning he was really scared of Natalie!
That’s how a great love can start to grow!
Oh the cat is cheeky enough. But he was afraid of her shoes!
He’s such a small chap.
He’s not so small! Have you seen the height Natalie’s heels?
Sky scrapers.
You’ve said it Betty.  A woman becomes three meters tall.
A woman would have no trouble biting the heads of the men.
Have you seen how strong the soles are? Just a kick from Natalie and Tigerli would be dead as a doornail!
That would be such a tragedy. These shoes are really weapons against men!
One kick from these shoes could put a man’s delicate lower regions permanently out of action!
Better that spraying pepper in their eyes!
Then be careful when you both meet Natalie, Letizia. It would be best if you carried Mister Tigerli on your back. Do you also wear high heels?
Unfortunately not, Betty. I wear only ballerina type shoes.
Then Tigerli will not be able to look into Natalie’s eyes!
That is a problem!
He’ll only be able to look at Natalie’s breast!
But that will certainly charm him.
And also her.
I have once had a delicate cat bite on my breast and I can only recommend that to any woman.
What a pity that Mister Tigerli doesn’t live in Seattle!
It is a pity, Betty! Your Bob and Don wouldn’t have been against it!
Happy Natalie!
Tigerli and Natalie Horler together will certainly win the next Eurovision Song Contest!
Yes I’m sure of it!
But Tigerli will change the name from “Cascada”.
 Why, is he frightened of water?
No, but the name “Cascada” gives an image of water falling down, no upwards zip. The group would have no chance of winning with that name!
Tigerli is right. What name will he give the group?

That's good! Very zippy!!
Like when he marks the trees!
With this name Tigerli and Natalie will have no trouble in winning the Song Contest! Do you know which song they will sing?
”We cats we can!”


Mr. Tigerli's favourite lady Natalie Horler. Isn't she Glorious?

Cascada for Germany – Natalie Horler fährt zum ESC nach Malmö