Saturday, February 7, 2015

Betty MacDonald and her favourite house

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Did you ever see your favourite house?

I did. ( see photo below) 

Betty MacDonald once saw a house everybody dreams of finding.

Which house am I talking about?

Send us your answer as fast as you can and you'll be our Betty MacDonald fan club contest winner.

Do you have a desultory habit? 

I adore this one very much. 

Happy birthday Wolfgang Hampel! 

I wasn't aware of Wolfgang Hampel's fascinating interviews with  many very famous authors like Truman Capote, David Guterson, Ingrid Noll, Walt Woodward and many others.

These interviews should be included in future Betty MacDonald fan club newsletters.

I'm a devoted fan of Wolfgang Hampel's very funny poems and stories.

Dearest Wolfgang Hampel, keep up your great work.

Thank you so much!!!

Enjoy a great Saturday,


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