Saturday, February 14, 2015

Betty MacDonald and enormous high heels

  Betty MacDonaldCascada for Germany – Natalie Horler fährt zum ESC nach Malmö   
          Betty MacDonald                   Natalie Horler                              

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club organizer Linde Lund was rather surprised to hear that some Betty MacDonald fan club fans obviously have problems to answer Betty MacDonald fan club question. 

A very good advice deaerest Betty MacDonald fan club fans:

If you visit Linde Lund's page you might find a video of Betty MacDonald's  friends. 

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Who is Betty MacDonald's adorable friend and in which book did Betty MacDonald mention this cutie?

Betty MacDonald fan club contest deadline: February 25, 2015

Betty MacDonald Memorial Award Winner  Wolfgang Hampel  and Betty MacDonald's very witty sister Alison Bard Burnett are talking about Betty MacDonald's special friends in this famous Betty MacDonald fan club interview.
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Our beloved hero Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli celebrates a huge Birthday party with several honor guests.

We hope Betty MacDonald fan club honor member, author and artist Letizia Mancino is going to share some fascinating details with us.

We are very curious. Thanks a million in advance.
We enjoyed Letizia Mancino's delightful  Mr. Tigerli story very much.

Looking at Natalie Horler's enormous red high heels I can understand Mr. Tigerli's mixed emotions very well.

At the beginning he was really scared of Natalie!
That’s how a great love can start to grow!
Oh the cat is cheeky enough. But he was afraid of her shoes!
He’s such a small chap.
He’s not so small! Have you seen the height Natalie’s heels?
Sky scrapers.
You’ve said it Betty.  A woman becomes three meters tall.
A woman would have no trouble biting the heads of the men.
Have you seen how strong the soles are? Just a kick from Natalie and Tigerli would be dead as a doornail!
That would be such a tragedy. These shoes are really weapons against men!
One kick from these shoes could put a man’s delicate lower regions permanently out of action!
Better that spraying pepper in their eyes!

Mr. Tigerli's favourite lady Natalie Horler. Isn't she Glorious?

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