Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Betty MacDonald's cute friend

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club organizer Linde Lund  is really very grateful and happy because of the huge interest in Betty MacDonald fan club contest.

Pat is our winner of Betty MacDonald fan club contest. 

Congratulations dearerst Pat.

The winner takes it all!

Many Betty MacDonald fan club fans knew the answer. 

It was Betty MacDonald's unique dog Tudor we were looking for. 

Dearest Betty MacDonald fan club fans you don't have to be sad at all.

There is a new chance for you today.

Look at this photo, please. Do you know Betty MacDonald's cute friend?

Which friend are we looking for and in which book did Betty MacDonald mention this cutie?

Betty MacDonald fan club contest deadline: February 25, 2015

Good luck, folks and I believe you can answer this question very easily. I know you will!

As we already mentioned Betty MacDonald fan club got an outstanding donation.

More info during this week!

Betty MacDonald Memorial Award Winner  Wolfgang Hampel is working on a new Betty MacDonald biography and had been interviewed for Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter February.

Many Betty MacDonald  - and Mr. Tigerli fans would like to know Mr. Tigerli's birthday.

We got a delightful message from Betty MacDonald fan club honor member, artist and author  Letizia Maninco -  our beloved 'Italian Betty MacDonald':

Dearest Linde and Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

thank you very much. 
I'll  meet Mary Holmes and Wolfgang Hampel today and we are going to  speak about a book "Mr. Tigerli - a loving cat". 
For such a book, I would like to write about new adventures of Mr. Tigerli, and to integrate also the interviews with Betty MacDonald.

Mr. Tigerli revealed to me that he was born on St. Valentine's day,  but he didn't like  to tell me the year.
He said "Do you know I have nine lifes ?".

Dearest Linde and Betty MacDonald fan club fans what do you  think about writing a book about Mr. Tigerli?

Congratulations for the new web site!

Many best wishes from Christoph and me,


Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli is popular all over the world.

I enjoy this description very much:

Mr. Tigerli is always busy. Every day he nearly writes his paws off on the Internet keeping up the communication with his Fans. The number increases daily and they stretch across the world, far out from the mountainious part of the city he lives.
In between times such a cat also has to attend to this own needs and desires.
To satisfy these, the fiels and forests up here round Emmertsgrund offer excellent conditions.

Betty MacDonald's Vashon Island is a paradise.

Take care,


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