Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Most important Betty MacDonald fan club item


Many Betty MacDonald fan club fans got ESC fever in these days.

I'd like to share some great Betty MacDonald news.

You can read in an extra version of Betty MacDonald newsletter April the story how Betty MacDonald fan club recently got one of the most important Betty MacDonald items in our history.

I hope you'll enjoy the story very much.

Thank you so much dear Betty MacDonald fans for donating very interesting  Betty MacDonald items. We recently got several fascinating Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen letters.

We are delighted and very grateful. Thanks a Million for your oustanding support.

What would Betty MacDonald fan club be without great fans and outstanding Betty MacDonald fan club honor members. Nothing at all! We are very much alive and there are so many Betty MacDonald fan club projects in the future.

Welcome dear Bernd Kunze.  We enjoy your fascinating website very much. Thanks a million for joining us!
You are such an outstanding personality and we are very grateful and happy.

What about Mr. Tigerli, his russian girl friend and Letizia Mancino?

None of them voted for ESC so far. Hurry up, please. Every vote is important.

We continue Betty MacDonald fan club  Eurovision Song Contest voting 2013 because it's so exciting.

My top ten: Iceland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, UK, San Marino, Russia, Ukraine, France and Romania.

According to the votes from many ESC fans in 40 countries ( the most ones we've ever got since 2009 )  Germany is going to  win ESC.
I like Cascada and Glorious very much but also Iceland and Sweden.

These are my Top favourites  but the other entries I mentioned are also very good.

Don't forget Finland, United Kingdom ( Bonnie Tyler is great and so is the song), 
San Marino ( greetings to Mr. Siegel who really did a great job), Russia, Ukraine, France and Romania ( i feel they can do well in Malmö)

We'll meet us in Malmö.