Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Betty MacDonald Item and Betty MacDonald Fan Club ESC Voting 2013


It's  a very exciting time for Betty MacDonald fan club members not only because of Eurovision Song Contest but also because of one of the most important new Betty MacDonald fan club items in history.

You'll be to able to read during next week.

You'll be delighted as we are.

Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli seems to be rather tired at the moment.
What I heard Mr. Tigerli is in love with Natalie Horler but he is a bit afraid of her.....
More news very soon.

What does his russian girl friend think about Mr. Tigerli's new romance?
We'd love to know Mr. Tigerli's ESC voting.

As you know we continue Betty MacDonald fan club  ESC Voting 2013 and Germany with Cascada and Glorious is the Nr. 1 with so many points from 40 countries.

I agree with Aina's voting only with the difference that I give my 12 points to Finland, 10 points to Germany, 8 points to Sweden, 7 points to Russia, 6 points to Ukraine, 5 points to Norway, 4 points to United Kingdom, 3 points to San Marino, two points to France and one point to Ireland.

As you know I can't vote for Emily but she isn't in my Top 3.

My Top 3 is Finland, Germany and Sweden.

My family and friends'  Betty MacDonald Fan Club  ESC voting is the same with the difference: 12 points to Germany, 10 points to Sweden and  8 points to Finland.

It's so exciting. I can feel the music in me.

Take care,