Thursday, April 11, 2013

Glorious Betty MacDonald fan club honor member


Great  Betty MacDonald fan club news!

Welcome to Betty MacDonald fan club dear Bernd Kunze!

You are a new Glorious Betty MacDonald fan club honor member.

You can read Bernd Kunze's greetings to our Betty MacDonald fans.

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Dear Betty MacDonald fans, we recently got very important Betty MacDonald items.
Björn is going to share these great Betty MacDonald news in a special Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter.

Clara we all have Eurovision Song Contest fever.
My Top 5 is: Iceland, Germany, Sweden,  Finland and United Kingdom. We shouldn't  forget Romania, Ukraine and Russia.
Many greetings to our Betty MacDonald and ESC fans in UK. I hope Bonnie will be Top 5. I really adore her.

But Clara I had to smile because we did our Betty MacDonald fan club voting with family, friends and other ESC fans and most of them voted for ...............   it's not a huge surprise I guess

                                       Germany    -    Cascada   -  Glorious


I'm so proud of our ESC victory in 2012 but I have to say Cascada's song is different.
Family and friends agree with me. Natalie Horler is beautiful and a really outstanding singer.
Did you know they already sold over 30 million CDs?

Anyway - I voted for Iceland but after our Betty MacDonald fan club ESC voting was finished  Cascada got most votes. In fact it is a new Betty MacDonald fan club ESC record!

Mr. Tigerli we know you are in love with our beloved Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Letizia Mancino and your russian girl friend.

Are you also in love with Natalie Horler and Glorious?  Let us know, please.

Did you read these rather silly comments that only german viewers are watching the Cascada video on Youtube?
These rather ignorant people should see my family and friends especially my husband watching Natalie Horler all the time. I'm already a bit jealous, my husband said. But I'm not.

Or am I a bit?

Take care,


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