Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy birthday dear Letizia Mancino and Bernd Kunze


I hope to meet many international Betty MacDonald fans in May.

To me the most important aspect of the Betty MacDonald Conference is the Betty MacDonald Collectors'  meeting with many new Betty MacDonald items.

Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel is going to share one of the most important Betty MacDonald items in history.

We'd love to say two oustanding Betty MacDonald fan club honor members Happy birthday, Letzia Mancino and Bernd Kunze.

I'm very happy that many ESC fans voted for Finland. I hope we' ll do very well in Malmö.

Don't miss the voting, please.
What about Mr. Tigerli and the other Betty MacDonald fan club honor members? 

That's my Top Ten voting for Malmö:

United Kingdom 10 pts, Sweden 8, Russia 7, Ukraine 6, Iceland 5, France 4, Denmark 3,  Netherlands 2 and Italy 1.

My 12 points go to...............................................    Germany, Cascada because they are glorious.
I love Natalie Horler's voice and listen to her every day.

My top 3:  Germany, United Kingdom  and Finland.

The Eurovision Song Contest Top 39 Video on Youtube ( see below) is not identic with Betty MacDonald fan club Eurovision Song Contest Voting 2013.

Many greetings to our american Betty MacDonald fans, especially in Boston.
You are always in our thoughts.


Wolfgang Hampel - Betty MacDonald fan club founder

Letizia Mancino - Betty MacDonald fan club honor member

Bernd Kunze - Betty MacDonald fan club honor member

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Top 39