Sunday, August 27, 2023

A country with unregulated immigration is going to the dogs

A country with unregulated immigration is going to the dogs In Germany, almost everything is strictly regulated - and that is also controlled. But those who conceal their name, age and origin upon entry are often allowed to stay and receive money. This burden cannot be sustained in the long run. Where this can lead can be seen in neighboring France. Harold Martenstein There are three main reasons why I have nothing to do with the AfD. First, I am for a liberal society, not an authoritarian one. Secondly, I believe that any country can defend itself against a military attack and that it should be helped to do so. This applies to Poland in 1939 as well as to Ukraine in 2022. Third, I reject nationalism of any kind. Of course, a state and its representatives can still represent the interests of the population. He even has to if this state doesn't want to lose the acceptance of its people. It has nothing to do with "nationalism". I consciously use the word "population", not "people". People of all origins live in Germany. Anyone who wants to stay here permanently should have a common interest, namely that this country does not go to the dogs. However, a country that permanently allows unregulated immigration of unlimited amounts goes to the dogs, and particularly quickly if it is a welfare state with high social costs. This is for the same reason that a pot that has water constantly flowing into it will overflow. The CDU politician Jens Spahn has called for illegal immigration to be stopped, for example through stricter border controls and fixed quotas for immigrants. You can read the details. This requirement is actually a matter of course. All classic immigration countries have rules, controls and criteria. In Germany almost everything is strictly regulated, sometimes even over-regulated. In Berlin, the height of the small boundaries that residents use to protect tree grates from peeing dogs is prescribed with centimeter precision. That is controlled. The fence that is five centimeters too high has to go. Those who, when entering the country, withhold their name, age and origin, certainly not without reason, are often allowed to stay and receive money. In which country on earth did the inhabitants put up with this contradiction permanently without becoming rebellious? Spahn is accused of wanting “foreclosure” from the SPD. This accusation is common and unsurpassed in malice. Anyone who opens their eyes and sees the limits of resilience has to hear that they no longer want to let anyone into Germany, not even skilled workers. That is a lie, and those who claim it know full well they are lying. Unfortunately, Spahn is as hate-footed as one is used to from the CDU as soon as it comes to criticism of the dogmas of the left. He says: "Germany needs a break from this completely uncontrolled asylum migration." Just a break! No end? Even Jens Spahn apparently believes that you can fill a pot with an unlimited amount of water. You just have to take a break from time to time. “Keep it up” doesn’t work The right to asylum exists because the politically persecuted are supposed to find refuge here. It was never intended for everyone who, for understandable reasons, dreams of a better future. There are billions of them. The more of them come, the less Germany will be able to fulfill their hopes, because it will inevitably collapse under this burden. It is the advocates of unlimited migration who will in fact bring about the end of all migration. Either the country becomes impoverished and thus unattractive for immigrants, or it gets a right-wing authoritarian government that really closes the Scots completely shut, or it sinks into civil war. In France, we can see that this perspective is no longer unrealistic. In the meantime, more and more voters consider the right-wing authoritarian solution to be the least of the evils. In any case, “keep it up” doesn’t work. The accusation of “racism” popular on the left wing of the Greens has been worn out through inflationary use. He even comes when a rapist is to be deported (but if a Rammstein-Lindemann is even suspected of being abused, the outcry cannot be loud enough). The human rights of the victims of migrant violence, including possible future ones, do not seem to be worth a damn for some. It's not about race, it's about crime. The victims are often immigrants themselves or their children. Ask the business people whose shops were destroyed in riots in Kreuzberg or Stuttgart. Ask them if they want more of this, or if they want this to stop.