Thursday, February 8, 2024

Mainz remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs: the mother of all carnival sessions

teleshow Mainz remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs: the mother of all carnival sessions by Hans Czerny • 8 hours. On February 9th it will be said again “Mainz remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs”. The “mother of all carnival sessions” is entering its 51st year. Since 1973 it has been broadcast live alternating with SWR (ARD). “Mainz on the Rhine invites the whole world to drink on Fassenacht!” - Without a doubt, the Mainz 2024 campaign slogan is great poetry. The people of Mainz want to serve “a mix of ‘Kokolores’ and political-literary carnival” at their “mother of all carnival sessions” in the electoral palace. There is no need to be afraid; any scruples after last year's low ratings (4.6 million, below the five million mark for the first time) are brushed aside. The Mainz Narhalla March ("Ritzambo, Ritzambo, the barrel night is rotten") and the question of the almighty chairman of the meeting: "Do you want a party?" are still part of the established ritual of the television carnival. The Mainz court singers and the samba finale, which is somewhat outdated after decades, are also part of the ritual. It is all the more astonishing that, according to statistics, “Mainz remains Mainz” found many friends among the so-called “younger audience” (14 to 49 years old). With 560,000 viewers (ten percent market share), the trend was surprisingly good in this target group in 2023. It is quite possible that this can be attributed above all to the chairman of the meeting, Andreas Schmitt, who not only leads the almost four-hour evening with vigor, but also, as an undauntedly pious "altar boy", does not mince his words when it comes to defending democracy against right-wing radical unreasonableness . Seen from this point of view - from a purely psychological point of view - it might also be advisable to reactivate Margit Sponheimer, who is still tireless elsewhere ("I was born on Shrove Monday"). The younger audience would obviously appreciate it. Johannes Bersch plays as "Moguntia" on a Roman chariot with the history of Mainz. Mainz remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs - Fri. 09.02. - ZDF: 8.15 p.m