Thursday, February 8, 2024

France: Alfred Grosser is dead France: Alfred Grosser is dead The journalist and political scientist died in Paris at the age of 99. He was considered an influential voice for German-French relations. Alfred Grosser is dead The German-French political scientist Alfred Grosser is dead. His son Pierre confirmed this to the French newspaper Le Monde. He therefore died in Paris. Grosser was 99 years old and was considered an important voice, especially in the field of German-French relations. Born in Frankfurt, he emigrated to France in 1933 because he was persecuted by the Nazis because of his Jewish origins. After the war he taught at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris and worked for various media. In addition to his teaching work, one topic was particularly important to him: the rapprochement between Germany and France. During the Second World War, Grosser was partly active in the resistance against the occupiers in France. In the years that followed, he directed the programs for German youth on French radio. He later became a professor in Paris. He was particularly influential as a book author, columnist and participant in talk shows - there he paved the way for the rapprochement between the former so-called hereditary enemies France and Germany. Since the turn of the millennium, he has also attracted a lot of attention through his criticism of the government of Israel, whose settlement and occupation policies he considered wrong. Grosser lived in Paris. He had four sons with his wife Anne-Marie Jourcin.