Thursday, January 29, 2015

Betty MacDonald's over the top humor

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club organizer Linde Lund  told us there will be a special Betty MacDonald fan club birthday event  for  Betty MacDonald Memorial Award Winner and Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel.

Any details?
Does anybody know when  Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli was born?

We can't wait to listen to several new Betty MacDonald fan club interviews  by  Wolfgang Hampel.

We are also fond of Wolfgang Hampel's  oustanding satirical poems.

By the way many Betty MacDonald fan club fans adore this outstanding poem by author and artist Joyce Lawhorn.

I'm able to recognize myself when Betty MacDonald writes:

A woman wants her friends to be perfect. She sets a pattern, usually a reasonable facsimile of herself, lays a friend out on this pattern and worries and prods at any little qualities which do not coincide with her own image. She simply won't be bothered with anything less than ninety per cent congruity, and will accept the ninety per cent only if the other ten per cent is shaping up nicely and promises accurate conformity within a short time.
Men are very much different in making friends..........   
Don't ask me please if I like any of my husband's friends...............
No, it's a joke.......some of them are ...............ok............for  him.................

If I ever marry again - I won't because I adore my husband - I'd like to have this priest who got an oustanding voice.

Although I adore Linde Lund's interview with new Betty MacDonald fan club honor member, author Traci Tyne Hilton dearest Linde should have asked her this question.

Perhaps other Betty MacDonald fan club fans and honor members are interested in sharing their thoughts.

When Linde asked Traci Tyne Hilton  What do you like most in Betty MacDonald's books?

Traci's answer is simply brilliant:

I love her over the top humor paired with her brutally honest representation of life. 

That's one of the most important reasons Betty MacDonald's book are unique. 

Betty MacDonald fan club member Barbara shared this delightful photo of Betty MacDonald.

Where did Betty MacDonald live when this photo was taken?

The first Betty MacDonald fan club fan who knows the correct answer will be our next Betty MacDonald fan club surprise winner.

Good luck folks!

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