Thursday, January 22, 2015

Betty MacDonald and cats

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club organizer Linde Lund  and Betty MacDonald fan club research team are working on a new Betty MacDonald exhibit incl. interviews with Betty MacDonald, other family members and Hollywood actors.

Did you ever see The Egg and I and The Ma and Pa Kettle series?

You'll be able to read Betty MacDonald's fascinating experiences in Hollywood.

There are some very important letters in Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection. 

Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel is going to include all these great facts and stories in the updated Betty MacDonald biography.
Good luck dear Wolfgang Hampel!

How is our Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli doing?

Mr. Tigerli is really very funny but also a bit strange like most men!

I can't stop laughing while reading Betty MacDonald's descriptions of women and men.

I totally agree and that's one of the many reasons I adore Betty MacDonald's books.

Brad Craft's breakfast is excellent.

Thank you so much, deaerest Linde Lund for sharing this very beautiful poem by  author and artist Joyce Lawhorn.

We got many mails from Betty MacDonald fan club fans from all over the world who enjoy this poem very much.

I love it too!

Thank you so much deaerest Joyce and Linde for sharing it!

And as we all know Betty MacDonald was also fond of cats.

Visiting  Linde Lund's  page you'll notice soon that Linde is crazy about cats....

Wishing you a very nice day,


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