Saturday, September 21, 2013

Betty MacDonald research team


dear Tommaso and Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

We have a Betty MacDonald surprise.

We are  going to donate some very interesting letters by various Bard family members including Betty MacDonald, Donald MacDonald, Sydney Bard, Darsie Bard, Gammy, Mary Bard Jensen and other family members and friends for Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection and Betty MacDonald biography.

My sister and I are Betty MacDonald collectors and our grandmother was the most successful one.
You can read our Betty MacDonald collector story in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter October.

Tommaso you and your Betty MacDonald research team are very welcome to see our Betty MacDonald collection. I bet you'll be delighted.

Seveal international Betty MacDonald fans had been very impressed after they' ve met us.
We promise you'll be able to see a real Betty MacDonald treasure.

By the way we adore Italian guys. My sister's husband is Italian and he is really a great guy with a golden heart.

Visit us, please ( you can ask Betty MacDonald fan club team about our contact info ).
You'll feel at home.

We look forward to hear from you.

I guess it's Wolfgang Hampel's life motto: Sail away and find new treasures every day.

It's the best life motto ever and it brings so much fun and joy in our lives.

Our special greetings go to Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli  who acts like this.
We know he got lot's of fun  and that's what Life should be.
Mr. Tigerli should take good care of his beautiful girl friends Natalie and the very nice Russian Lady!

Wishing you a sunny weekend with lots of joy and new treasures!


Wolfgang Hampel - Betty MacDonald founder and Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner