Saturday, September 28, 2013

Best Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter in history


Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter October will be a very exciting one - perhaps the most exciting one in history of Betty MacDonald fan club.

A Betty MacDonald fan club fan from Canada is sharing one of the most important Betty MacDonald Collections - most interesting letters, articles, documents, audios and much more.

Nobody ever mentioned the name of this dull bore who said: There is nothing new under the sun after all those years. This ignorant person  should see this golden Betty MacDonald treasure.

Several Betty MacDonald fan club fans and I saw it and it was like finding Mr. Piggle-Wiggle's treasure. Someone said he felt like Jim on Treasure Island.

We want to say thank you so much to all Betty MacDonald fans from all over the world who support our Betty MacDonald research in a perfect way.

What would Betty MacDonald fan club be without these great fans, our beloved Betty MacDonald fan club honor members and unique Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel who started Betty MacDonald fan club with only four members.

Just imagine, we have Betty MacDonald fan club members in 40 countries now.

Guys, I love you!

Daniel, a biography of very popular Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli would be another treasure.

Speaking of biographies Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner Wolfgang Hampel's new biography includes many new Betty MacDonald treasures and nobody will be surprised.

Thanks a lot dear  Betty MacDonald fan club fans, honor members and Wolfgang Hampel.

A special message to all ignorant bores: There is always something new under the sun after all those years. We only have to discover it.

Betty MacDonald fan club will  sail away and find new treasures every day!

Folks, let's do it.

I love it here!!!


Wolfgang Hampel

Betty MacDonald Forum