Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Linde Lund's message to Betty MacDonald fan club

Linde Lund:

dear Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald fan club member, author Peter D. Sieruta passed away May 26  at the age of only 53.

We miss Peter D. Sieruta and his very intelligent comments and thoughts very much.

It's such a huge loss.

Our very much beloved Betty MacDonald fan club honor member, artist and author Letizia Mancino and her husband Professor Christoph Cremer recently visited Washington State.

After Letizia and her husband returned home from Betty MacDonald country I got a very special Betty MacDonald and Letizia Mancino gift.

A very important Betty MacDonald document, a very special dedicated copy of Letizia Mancino's witty book ' The cat in Goethe's bed' with  such a funny drawn cat ( Letizia Mancino is so gifted ) and many more Betty MacDonald surprises.

It's the most wonderful gift I've ever got in my whole life  and I'm so happy and grateful.

Thanks a million dear friends, Letizia,  Christoph, Angelika and Wolfgang for finding all the wonderful Betty MacDonald items and and sending them to me.

I adore Letizia Mancino's art nearly every day.

It's like sunshine in my heart.

Try it even if you are a bit sad and depressed and everybody knows these  'blue' feelings from time to time. It's natural.

Letizia Mancino's  artwork will help you to change your mind:

I'm very sorry.
Although Letizia Mancino is such an excellent writer and artist she is not my favourite Betty MacDonald fan club honor member.

Do you have any idea who is?

It's Mr. Tigerli of course. 

We all are in love with very 'strong' and 'active'  Mr. Tigerli.
I guess he doesn't need a better lover because he is in love with a very special person.
You know what I mean?  Reread the stoy please and you'll know what I'm talking about.

It means a lot to all of us  that Betty MacDonald fan club tree is growing every day.
Betty MacDonald fan club has members in 40 countries.

To me it's kind of a miracle.
The best of it many Betty MacDonald fan club members know each  other in person because of  several international Betty MacDonald fan club meetings.
It's like a Betty MacDonald fan club ribbon around the world. I know Betty MacDonald would love it.

It's the most important and interesing work in my life and enriches me every day to receive information and to be in contact with Betty MacDonald fans from all over the world.

Thank you so much for supporting Betty MacDonald fan club.
Betty MacDonald fan club fans are so great and we are overwhelmed.
There are so many Betty MacDonald fan club fans who donate very important documents, letters and many other items.

                                    THANK YOU SO MUCH !

We have the most important Betty MacDonald projects in the future for example establishing a Betty MacDonald museum.

We need your support to make this Betty MacDonald fan club dream come true.

Let's do it.

At the end of this very long message ( I hope you are not too tired after reading it ) I want to say thanks a million to one and only Wolfgang Hampel.

Wolfgang Hampel was the one who founded Betty MacDonald fan club with 4 members in 1983.

Wolfgang Hampel wrote Betty MacDonald biography and interviewed Betty MacDonald's family and friends:

He is working on a new Betty MacDonald documentary and biography.

To me Wolfgang Hampel is the most creative person in the whole world. A genius!
I know very well Wolfgang Hampel hates what I mention  -   however......


Wolfgang Hampel delightes so many Betty MacDonald fans not only with his Betty MacDonald biography, stories and interviews but also with his very witty and funny poems.

I know there is something new after all those years.

We only have to find it and I know you will.

I'm afraid this message sounds a bit like old Linde Lund's legacy.

Don't worry, please.

What ever will happen in the future I'll  remain in Betty MacDonald fan club circle forever.

                              YES I WILL !

All my love from very happy and grateful

Linde Lund