Friday, October 12, 2012

Betty MacDonald's grandmother Gammy


Long live our dear Linde Lund.

Linde Lund is such a gifted personality.

We can't imagine Betty MacDonald fan club without Linde Lund.

                 THANKS   A   MILLION   DEAR   LINDE   LUND!

I hope we'll see each other at the next Betty MacDonald fan club conference - the international Betty MacDonald fan club ribbon around the world.

We are very sad that Betty MacDonald fan club member  author Peter Sieruta passed away at the age of only 53.

It's Peter Sieruta's 54 th birthday today. Peter was always sending the most beautiful birthday cards. He was so sweet and had an outstanding memory.

I have tears in my eyes while writing these lines.

We miss brilliant and very warm  Peter Sieruta very much.

I was rereading Monica Sone's excellent book NISEI DAUGHTER.

We miss our first Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Monica Sone so much.

After these very sad news I have some very good news for Betty MacDonald fan club fans.

Do you want to see photos of Betty MacDonald's beloved grandmother Gammy?

You can see several pictures of Gammy in Betty MacDonald fan club Newsletter October 2012.

Isn't this great? 

Love and kisses to all of you especially to  Linde Lund's and my most favourite Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli.

Mr. Tigerli we love you!!!!!

Any new stories about the russian girl?

Oh please........