Friday, September 14, 2012

Betty MacDonald's friend Hans


Wenche, thank you so much for your very interesting Betty MacDonald information.

Betty MacDonald Fan Club fan Laura described Betty MacDonald's experiences with  'dirty'  Hans.

Believe me, I'm not  'dirty'  Hans from  Betty MacDonald's Anybody can do anything and I'm sure it wasn't Laura's husband.

I'm cooperating  with Peter and Beat on a new Betty MacDonald Fan Club item entitled

                   The truth of Betty MacDonald's friend Hans

So you can imagine I had to smile when I was reading the story in Laura's Blog.

Wenche, I guess Sunny would be the perfect lover for Mr. Tigerli.

Good luck!

My Eurovision Top 3: Ukraine, Germany and Sweden.

If you are an Eurovision fan you can find my Top 10  votes here:

As you can see I also adore our beloved russian Gammies.
My two young daughters are huge fans of them and we hear them every day.