Monday, September 3, 2012

Betty MacDonald Paralympics Meeting London 2012


Hi folks,

I know you enjoyed Betty MacDonald Fan Club Olympic Meeting in London very much.

I heard the Betty MacDonald Olympic  DVD is great.

Many greetings from Betty MacDonald Paralympics Meeting London 2012, the greatest Paralympics ever.

There are several Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans here and we had an international meeting yesterday.

You can read several reports in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter September about our stay and activities  in London.

It's an unforgettable life experience to be here.

Lasse, congratulations for winning the Betty MacDonald Fan Club Contest.

All our love to Letizia Mancino, Mary Holmes and Mr. Tigerli who deserves a better lover.
What a story and we enjoy the photos very much.

We can't wait to read the new satirical poems by Wolfgang Hampel who started Betty MacDonald Fan Club in 1983 with four members.

There are Betty MacDonald Fan Club members in 40 countries now and some of them joined us in London.

May the best win and believe me, we have such a great time here.

We all should support FREE PUSSY RIOT actions.
( see our report FREE PUSSY RIOT in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter September )