Thursday, September 13, 2012

Betty MacDonald in Washington State


Daniel & Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Betty MacDonald Fan Club Paralympics Meeting in London was outstanding.

I was very impressed because I wasn't familiar with the fact that Monica Sone has so many fans.

Monica Sone memorial was very touching.

Monica Sone's book NISEI DAUGHTER belongs to very less books I'm rereading from time to time because it's very human, witty and wise.

We miss our wonderful first Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member so much because our world needs personalities like Monica Sone.

I look forward to see the Betty MacDonald Fan Club Paralympics DVD.

Beloved Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member, author and artist Letizia Mancino, our so called 'italian Betty',  visited the state of Washington.
We'd love to read the story of her Betty MacDonald journey.

I felt very sad when I could read that Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's house near Roosevelt High School in Seattle has been demolished.

Is the DVD with Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel and Betty MacDonald's sister Alison Bard Burnett visiting this house already available?

Wolfgang Hampel and Alison Bard Burnett are our favourites.

We adore them so much. Both are very funny.

Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen should be honored in Washington State and Seattle.

Especially Betty MacDonald did such a great job in describing the region and nature there.

Many writers and artists moved to Seattle and Washington State after reading Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's  books.

Greta and I  did an extensive research about this subject. 
The amazing  result will be published in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter October.

By the way a Betty MacDonald fan wanted  to see Betty MacDonald's best friend STOVE.
No problem. Visit this site, please and you'll see STOVE and other historical pictures.

What's about our new Betty MacDonald Fan Club honor member, famous Mr. Tigerli?

We are visiting Mr. Tigerli's new website quiete often because Sunny fell madly in love with Mr. Tigerli.

I wonder whether poor Sunny has a chance.  You have to know Sunny is a  lady.

Perhaps Letizia Mancino or Mr. Tigerli could send us an answer.

It's  really urgent.  Thank you so much.

With much love and miaaaaauuuuuuuu,

Wenche  & Sunny