Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Betty MacDonald journey and Congratulations


Brit, congratulations for finding this very special first british edition of one of Betty MacDonald's books.

I bet there are photos of Betty MacDonald and her family we've never seen before.

My wife is a bit angy with me because I'm watching TV for hours and hours.
I can't help  but the Olympics are so exciting and I have to watch every minute..

My favourite Eurovision Song Contest entries this year are Serbia, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and Russia.
Family and friends love russian grandmothers but Engelbert deserves much more points.
Even my 13 year old daughter likes the UK entry. Engelbert did a very good job and it's an example for shameful Eurovision Song Contest votings.

Mats, it was very shameful indeed ( especially for me because I'm from Switzerland ) that Swiss jury ignored german entry with magical Lena Valaitis in 1981.
The jury obviously did this because Switzerland with Peter, Sue and Marc and Germany belonged to the favourites.
They thought they might win the Contest but they failed.
It's really sad that Lena Valaitis missed  deserved victory.
Swiss TV received many angry letters from people who complainted that it was totally unfair.

Speaking of unfair Eurovision Song Contest votings there are many of them, especially votings for Italy in 1958, 1959 and United Kingdom in 1968. 

To me Cliff Richard's  Congratulations is the real winner of 1968 and norwegian singer Wencke Myhre who sang german entry  ' Ein Hoch der Liebe ' ( A toast to love) should be second.
Wencke Myhre was wonderful and got many points from UK jury but nothing from her homeland Norway. Isn't that sad? What can you say to this? That's Eurovision.

Congratulations, United Kingdom.
We liked the opening ceremony very much.

I'm very curious to learn who does a very special Betty MacDonald journey at the moment.
I hope to read it in Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter.

Enjoy yourself and Olmypic games in London. I know you will.