Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Betty MacDonald document


I adore Betty MacDonald, Mary Bard Jensen, Alison Bard Burnett, Monica Sone,  Darsie Beck, Wolfgang Hampel, Letizia Mancino and Gwen Grant.

We have the most wonderful Betty MacDonald honour members.

It means so much fun to be a Betty MacDonald Fan Club member.

Thank you so much for your great work.

We appreciate it very much.

I collect Betty MacDonald items for years and I'll share a Betty MacDonald document in  Betty MacDonald Fan Club Newsletter August.

I hope to receive lots of feedback. Thank you.

Betty MacDonald Fan Club Eurovision Song Meeting was so entertaining.

I hope to meet you again very soon.

It's  a fact that some countries deserved to win Eurovision Song Contest more often among them  ( I don't say this because I'm italien ) are for example Italy and Germany.

If I see the Eurovision Song Contest of 1958 and 1959 Italy has the best singer and song.
Imagine one of the greatest hits ever ' Volare '  made the third place.
When you hear and see the other entries you can only laugh about this.
The same happend in 1959.

Carmen, 1981 was one of the most shameful votings in  Eurovision Song Contest history ever because Germany's Lena Valaitis got no points from Switzerland although her song Johnny Blue was a huge hit there.
Because of this voting Lena Valaitis lost victory.

Yes, I like Sweden  and Russia ( the russian Gammies  are so funny, even Stove is dancing,  I thought of  Betty MacDonald when I saw it. Betty would laugh about this. Can you remember the german entry with Guildo Horn in 1998, also very funny ), but the UK entry with Engelbert deserves a much better result.

My top ten includes Sweden, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, UK, Poland, Estonia and Latvia

Sunny Bella