Sunday, July 8, 2012

Betty MacDonald Fan Club project


Nina & Nora, that's a great idea writing about the real persons in Betty MacDonald's and Mary Bard Jensen's books.

Listen to the new fascinating interviews with Wolfgang Hampel and  Betty MacDonald's sister Alison Bard Burnett and other family members, please.
They talk a lot about real persons in Betty's and Mary's books and their info might be very helpful for your Betty MacDonald Fan Club research project.

So many Betty MacDonald Fan Club members are waiting for Letizia Mancino's new Betty MacDonald essay.
What is it about? 
When can we read it?

Reading Gammy's letter do you have the same feelings I have?

Betty was her favourite and it's kind of sad that Gammy died before Betty published her books.

We'll meet each other at the next international Betty MacDonald Fan Club Event.

Wishing you a great summer -  some like it hot - ( I don't )