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Betty MacDonald, a very special birthday and International Betty MacDonald fan club event 2016 France

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Betty MacDonald in the living room at Vashon on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Happy Birthday dearest Ursula!!!

We wish you the most wonderful birthday ever.

Thanks a million for your friendship.

It means so much to us!

We picked these roses especially for you!

Betty MacDonald fan club event 2016 in France is so very successful because of some very famous honor guests.

Several Betty MacDonald fan club fans are very shocked that Spain lost against Croatia yesterday.

The Spanish team has to play against Italy now and that's very difficult.  

And maybe Germany and France are waiting. 

A very hard way to win the title!

I'll  contribute a Betty MacDonald letter to Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection.
I own a very important letter of Betty MacDonald.

I wished there was a relative in my family who met Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen.

However I'll share a very interesting Betty MacDonald letter which was inside a book I bought.

You'll be able to find my Betty MacDonald fan club contribution in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter July.

I love the Betty MacDonald fan club motto:

Sail away and find new treasures every day!

That's exactly what Betty MacDonald, Mary Bard Jensen, Alison Bard Burnett,  Mr. and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and Wolfgang Hampel did/does.

I had the very same feelings when I saw Betty MacDonald's letter inside the book.

As I adore the Betty MacDonald items by Betty MacDonald Memorial Award Winner Wolfgang Hampel I'm going to forward a copy of the letter for Betty MacDonald biography and Betty MacDonald fan club letter collection.

The subject of Betty MacDonald's letter is her family, friends and favourite authors.

New Betty MacDonald documentary will be very interesting with many interviews never published before.

Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli  shares his autobiography.

He is a real Casanova but this magical guy got fans from all over the world.

I belong to Mr. Tigerli's devoted fans.

Thank you so much for sharing this witty memories with us.

Enjoy a new breakfast with Brad and Nick at the bookstore. 

One of Wolfgang Hampel's  Vita Magica guest reader was a very famous satirical writer - Michail Krausnick.

We hope Mr. Erdogan won't have any problems with his work. 

Have a very nice Wednesday and again Happy Birthday dearest Ursula!!!!

Linde, Astrid and Wolfgang 

              Red roses for Ursula 

        from Wolfgang, Astrid and Linde 

Rosen... / Schleedorf

Don't miss this very special book, please.

Vita Magica 

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Rita Knobel Ulrich - Islam in Germany - a very interesting ZDF  ( 2nd German Television ) documentary with English subtitles 

Rosen... / Schleedorf

                                Mr. Tigerli's memories

Copyright 2015/2016 by Letizia Mancino

Translated by Mary Holmes

All rights reseverd 

My birthday! 

I, Mr. Tigerli, can hardly save myself from being submerged in red roses!  Oh dear, a loving cat has his problems.

Surrounded by a sea of flowers!

Mind you I’ve earned it. I have risked so much for love in my life!

I have become famous because of being such a great lover.  I am a Casanova cat.

 Am I exaggerating?  Are there not cats more famous than me, artists who paint or play the piano?

That may be so, but they are “nobodies” in the art of loving!

Look in the internet under “Erotica Felina”! You will see that my name immediately appears on the screen.

People boarding their plane in Singapore have found me at once on Google.

I am a world famous cat.

Oh no, I don’t loose my head over female cats. But women! I love women.  Yes only women. These wonderful creatures give me everything! Not only affection, good conversation and food.

I was four months old when I discovered my partiality for women.

One time I was cavorting on the bed with Roswitha, my first love – although it was strictly forbidden to get onto the bed – when under the woolen blanket I suddenly felt a wonderful soft plump area! Roswitha’s tummy! I was running backwards and forwards across it when suddenly a shot of adrenalin rushed through my cat brain. At an early age I became a slave to love!

But it was Roswitha’s foot that surprised me with my first erotic feelings. She had unknowingly stretched it out of the bed under the pressure of my four paws and for the first time I saw the naked foot of a woman. Five small tempting little sausages attracted my attention. How delicately the points moved. They were more attractive to look at than the mice in the fresh grass. I miaowed to them “I’m going to bite you”!

I understand men who kiss the feet of women so ardently.

I immediately lost my head and my innocence.

Now I began to nibble at these five little porkies.

Roswitha continued to sleep and sighed softly. Encouraged I licked her whole foot. Roswitha laughed sweetly and delightfully in her sleep.

Within eight months I was familiar with her leg.

I love beautiful legs. Without hair, without ticks or other insects. They have such a wonderful perfume. I could lick women’s legs without any saliva. Wonderful!   A refined lover begins with delicate movements, not by taking the female creation by storm. Only goats climb on the back of their females without paying a single compliment. You know, Betty, that a Casanova doesn’t come straight to the point!

Roswitha, I love you Oh, my first love! I felt so good in your bed. I lay at your feet in the night. But after two intimate years deeply in love with your feet, your husband came home. His field service away from home was over, and sadly my home service with you too.

“Get out of my bed”, he shouted. It’s not right to treat a loving cat so rudely, even when men have the right to be jealous of us. We are after all superior to them. We are supple and seductively beautiful until old age. We are not rude or, even worse, drunkards! A woman can spend romantic hours stroking us or even sleep with us in her bed and still believe in platonic love, which is hardly possible for them with a man. Women never become pregnant with us and this has advantages. Casanova was the inventor of the condom. We are the condom.

I was thrown out. Are men all so brutal, Betty? The bedroom door was locked. But I was still allowed to live in the house: three sofas in the living room, a bed in the guest bedroom, and an old divan in the cellar were available for me. Roswitha could come to these. But I was appalled!

Mr. Brummi avoided my dirty looks. Since then I have not befriended men, to say nothing of cats!

Without Roswitha’s feet I had to eke out a miserable existence in the house. And she complained that her feet were cold.

The husband however was obdurate. He tried, without success, to take my place: to stroke Roswitha’s feet, to rub them, to tickle them! But Roswitha’s five little white toes remained in the bed as motionless as if rigor mortis had set in.

There were no more giggles. The doctor recommended an evening foot-bath. To think that I should be replaced by a herbal bath! How outrageous!

Should I have scratched at the bedroom door every night? I am a proud cat! I would rather look around! She wouldn’t have heard me anyway. The husband snores as loudly as a vacuum cleaner on the point of collapse. Should I have dropped five dead mice in front of the door? But I don’t bring her these presents any more. If you love me, I thought, get divorced!

“Darling” I hear her say to her husband, “Couldn’t you snore more quietly?”

I comforted myself with her socks. The dirty ones, naturally. There were a few flakes from her skin that I swallowed with joy. Some men even sniff underwear. Idiotic love. That’s going too far for me. I, Mr Tigerli, don’t do that because I am an aesthetic cat. Gradually I’d had enough of the socks. Should I look for a new woman? The thought of being unfaithful came to me quite suddenly.

The nights in my basket passed peacefully  - and also the nights in Roswitha’s bed. Cold feet and migraines are two passion killers. The husband was sullen. She never suffered with me. I laughed - even if cats can’t laugh – behind my beard and knew that she had remained faithful.  I didn’t. I found the young servant in the house very fascinating. Her legs were not so beautiful as Roswitha’s , but the risks were low. The young woman was a Russian, temperamental, pretty and I liked her. Infidelity was for me a triviality.

“Oh, Mr. Tigerli”, cried Putziputzi  (that was her pet name. I’ll say no more, she had two brothers) “why are you licking me so tenderly?”

I could have answered. “You are my second choice. I am missing Roswitha’s feet.” But I wrapped myself round her leg, as all loving cats do.

She gave an even louder cry and ran away! I was perplexed!

I had no idea that genuine love-play begins with “No, no, I’d rather not, please don’t”.

I still had a lot to learn. Then I thought: Quick , Tigerli, follow Putziputzi and sing her a song! After that wonderful days followed: I showered her soft thighs with delicate little love-bites. It was intoxicating!

We constantly changed the spot we chose for our love-making. On Mondays and Fridays we lay on the three sofas, on Tuesday on the bed in the guest room, but most of the time we spent together in the cellar. She was crazy! Is this sex,

I asked myself. What man can make a woman so happy?

Putziputzi was soon dismissed from her job.

I have no great opinion of husbands and I must admit I have good reasons for this. But that their wives should react with such jealousy was for me an insoluble puzzle.

It wasn’t long before I was lying in bed with Roswitha again.

The husband had probably seen that the loss of a servant can have serious consequences. Now it was his job to vacuum the whole house: from the cellar to the attic. Roswitha assured him this would only be for a short transitional period, until she had found a replacement for Putziputzi.

“Yes, yes!  But the replacement must be ugly and unattractive and she should only work in the house and she must not play with Tigerli”, he answered.

“Yes, yes! I agree”, answered Roswitha, “and it would be wise if you would allow Tigerli to sleep in the bed with me again”.

The husband willingly gave his consent.

He nodded his agreement and it was clear that he saw me in a new light.

I was no longer a competitor.

What the heck, he thought! The guy was sleeping in my bed with my wife when I was away anyway!

So thanks to the vacuum-cleaner I was able to continue my love-affair with my first love Roswitha.

                      Who is Mr. Tigerli?                             

Ivan Perisic stunner for Croatia leaves Spain to face Italy in last 16

Croatia 2 - 1 Spain

Euro 2016
Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux

Croatia 2

Home team scorers
Nikola Kalinic 45
Ivan Perisic 87

Spain 1

Away team scorers
Alvaro Morata 7
  1. Report
  2. Min-by-min

Ivan Perisic stunner for Croatia leaves Spain to face Italy in last 16

Croatia v Spain
Ivan Perisic scores the winner for Croatia to give his side a 2-1 win against Spain in Euro 2016 Group D. Photograph: Fehim Demir/EPA

Spain and Croatia went into the last 16, but not in the order expected. Euro 2016 has another late goal and this is one whose impact may prove enormous, the holders suffering their first European Championship defeat for 12 years and a day. With the score at 1-1 and 87 minutes gone in Bordeaux, Aritz Aduriz’s shot was blocked on the edge of the area; two passes and 80 yards later, Ivan Perisic was tearing off his top and Croatia, not Spain, were top of Group D.

Croatia will face a third-placed side in Lens; Spain will play Italy in Paris, knowing that Germany and then France may await. “This is just the beginning,” Perisic said, while his coach, Ante Cacic, talked of confidence and the need to “make the Croatian people happy”. That the chances of one of the competition’s outstanding sides are improved now was revealed by his opposite number. “This was not the path we wanted, that’s the truth,” Vicente del Bosque admitted.
If Spain are to defend their title, they must do it the hard way and they cannot say they were not warned: Sergio Ramos had a second-half penalty saved by Danijel Subasic that might have made it safe but the threat had been there since Nikola Kalinic levelled at the end of the first half. When that went in, this changed. When the winner did, the group changed too. The whole tournament did, in fact.
Aduriz was denied and two swift diagonal passes from the back gave Perisic, superb throughout and still sprinting up the field now, a sight of goal. Perisic had made the first for Kalinic; this time the roles were reversed. The shot clipped Gerard Piqué’s boot and flew in at the near post beyond David de Gea who, falling backwards, had tried to stop it with his foot.

Behind De Gea the Croatian fans erupted. The goalkeeper was edgy for much of the match and there will be questions about him and not just on the winner, however much his manager said he was not to be blamed. Spain’s fans were silent at the end of a night in which it felt as if the team had not entirely grasped the game’s significance until it was slipping away. “A lapse in the 89th [sic] minute with the score in our favour is not something we should allow to happen,” Del Bosque said. “We have to recover mentally and emotionally but we’re still here.”
As for Caric’s team, they may consider themselves candidates now: they had beaten Spain without Luka Modric and despite trailing after six minutes. That goal, like the winner, 81 minutes later, came via a move in which the ball travelled virtually the length of the pitch, until David Silva found Cesc Fàbregas and his clip over Subasic was nudged in on the line by Álvaro Morata.
If the chance to finish third rather than second as a way of avoiding Italy, Germany and France really was on Croatian minds, the idea was dismissed a moment later with news that Turkey led. Better, then, to step out. And soon they were almost level. Under pressure from Kalinic, De Gea’s dreadful clearance dropped to Ivan Rakitic, whose first-time, curling lob was beautifully struck only to hit the bar, the post and the goalline. Rakitic looked at the giant screens, as if trying to work out how on earth it had not gone in.

If that would have been a lovely goal, the one Croatia did get on the stroke of half-time might have been better still, Perisic turning away from Juanfran and dropping a delightful cross into the six-yard box. Ramos was beaten to it, De Gea did not move and Kalinic jumped to ease in a gentle, back-heel-style volley with the outside of his foot. Until then this had been an open, entertaining game, if seemingly lacking in the tension and concentration of a decisive match. It had also been mostly controlled by Spain, whose axis had tilted from left to right, from Andrés Iniesta and Nolito to Fàbregas and Silva.
The Manchester City playmaker shone but Spain not only failed to increase their lead, they lost it. Kalinic’s goal was the first they had conceded in 733 European Championship minutes, stretching back to the opening game against Italy four years ago. And although the second half started with a chance for Morata, the Croatian threat was clearer now; Perisic, fast feet, determined to run at opponents, was especially troubling.
His run led to the Darijo Srna cross that had De Gea scrambling and star-jumping, the ball eventually flashing wide from Marko Pjaca’s overhead kick, and then Pjaca went over Ramos’s leg. Ramos accused him of diving and may have been right but there was risk in the challenge. The referee did not give that but did give one at the other end when Sime Vrsaljko was judged to have pushed Silva. The contact was slight at most and accidental too, the defender stumbling, possibly pushed. Yet the Croatians’ fury became celebration when Subasic, dancing about, lurched forward to save the penalty, struck centrally by Ramos – an unexpected choice of taker and one Del Bosque justified as a question of “confidence”.
Gerard Piqué prevented Kalinic running through and Spain sought the winner to set them up for the fortnight ahead, but just how costly that miss was became revealed when Croatia broke with three minutes to go  turn the table and the tournament upside down.

Rosen... / Schleedorf

Onions_Swedish_1956_paperback - cleaned_FRONT