Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let's praise Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

we have to praise Betty MacDonald fan club founder and Betty MacDonald Memorial Award winner Wolfgang Hampel who celebrates his birthday today.

 I have no idea how old Wolfgang is. I've met him several years ago and he looked so young that I was kind of shocked. I thought Wolfgang Hampel was kind of an old University Professor but he wasn't at all. Just the opposite. He is a very intelligent, witty and charming guy and we happily talked about Betty MacDonald and Betty MacDonald fan club projects. It means pure joy meeting Wolfgang Hampel.

I appreciate Wolfgang Hampel's Betty MacDonald items, his interviews and very witty poems. Wolfgang Hampel's Betty MacDonald biography and documentary includes very important details of Betty MacDonald's life never published before.

Let's praise Wolfgang Hampel because without his energy and outstanding Betty MacDonald research Betty MacDonald fan club wouldn't be the same. He is able to find the most important Betty MacDonald treasures.

Yes, he can and he will!  I can remember that I asked him a question what's most important in his life. Wolfgang Hampel smiled and answered: That's very simple. My family and friends.
I'm convinced Betty MacDonald would have answered the same. Both - Betty MacDonald and Wolfgang Hampel have the most wonderful friends and I know the reason why. It's such a joy to have them around and you don't want to leave them. That's what I told Wolfgang Hampel when we said good bye. Wolfgang replied: "Kai, Im very sorry but I'm afraid you are wrong. I'm an ordinary guy who was only lucky enough to meet the most wonderful personalities. You really should praise them instead of me. They deserve all your compliments. I'm really very happy that I'm able to share my work with Betty MacDonald fans in so many countries. Betty MacDonald fan club is like a wonderful flower which is growing every day. That makes me very grateful, happy and proud!"

I wished I could be such an ordinary guy like Wolfgang Hampel. He is the one who makes our dreams come true. Think big, said Betty MacDonald's sister Mary Bard Jensen.

I guess that's only one of Betty MacDonald's and Wolfgang Hampel's many secrets.


Wolfgang Hampel
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