Thursday, December 6, 2012

Betty MacDonald fan club darlings

Anita & Eartha Kitt II:

Angela, it's such a joy reading this letter written by unique Betty MacDonald.

Betty MacDonald's life motto perfectly fits to her life.

Sascha, it's true this should be the motto of  realistic and optimistic  people in the world.

Thanks a lot dear Betty MacDonald.

Eartha and I are working on a new Betty MacDonald fan club item.
You'll hear from us soon.

We'd like to praise our other Betty MacDonald fan club  darlings now: Letizia Mancino, Mary Holmes and Mr. Tigerli.

Eartha and I are real Mr. Tigerli fans and we hope many new stories will follow.

We are delighted. Thank you my beloved very funny Betty MacDonald fan club darlings.

I can only say: Mr. Tigerli, forget the russian girl.
Eartha would like to have her job.  Every time Eartha is watching your photos I can see very well how much she is in love with you.

By the way I heard  Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel recently met many international Betty MacDonald fans among them members from countries where many people usually dislike cats.

These Betty MacDonald fans however are fond of Mr. Tigerli.
They asked Wolfgang Hampel millions of questions about Mr.Tigerli.

A Betty MacDonald fan described the situation: Wolfgang Hampel knows Mr. Tigerli very well and answered every question in detail.

So what? It doesn't surprise me at all.

Famous Mr. Tigerli needs a very good staff and he already got an excellent speaker.
Betty MacDonald Memorial Award Winner Wolfgang Hampel did a perfect job.

That's great and as I already mentioned I know the ideal candidate for working as Mr. Tigerli's personal licking assistant.

Eartha darling, don't give me such a cold look, please.  Oh yes, it was only a joke.  I won't do it again.
Forgive me, please.

Eartha seems to say: Anita it was a very bad joke indeed. Don't repeate it or something terrible might happen.....

I won't because I know very well: Eartha can be rather dangerous  if she is furious  and she really is........................

Oh dear what have I done?

Anita & Eartha Kitt II