Saturday, November 28, 2009

Famous artists enjoy Betty MacDonald Biography

Famous artists Jim Woodring and Peter Bagge from Seattle enjoy the Betty MacDonald Biography and the interviews by author and journalist Wolfgang Hampel.

JIM WOODRING is a painter of colorful, cartoony, surreal pictures, and the creator of the comic, FRANK (Fantagraphics).

His favorite humor book is The egg and I by Betty Macdonald.
It's the reason he first moved to Washington.

Jim Woodring, cartoonist:

I'm sure Betty MacDonald was a lovely person, but in her books she didn't hesitate to lambast people- with obvious relish- for their faults. It's one of the things I admire about her.

Lying in bed late at night and reading under the covers, Jim Woodring was inspired by Betty MacDonald's "The Egg and I."

Peter Bagge, cartoonist:

I recently read an interview with a cartoonist friend of mine, Jim Woodring, who proclaimed Betty as a big influence on him. This I did not know! Only he made a blanket comment, that she "didn't like Indians," that really annoyed me. I'll have to ask him about that!

Betty DOES have a bit of an acid tongue (people say the same thing
about me!), though that doesn't mean she's a mean person, at least not in my opinion.
It just means she's honest and observant.

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You can read the very interesting discussion of Jim Woodring, Peter Bagge and many other Betty MacDonald Experts about life and work of Betty MacDonald.
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Wolfgang Hampel Founder of Betty MacDonald Fan Club and Betty MacDonald Society