Thursday, November 19, 2009

Betty MacDonald's illness

Betty MacDonald is such a beloved writer. When I was reading the story Betty MacDonald's illness, written by Wolfgang Hampel published by Betty MacDonald Fan Club in 2009, I learned that she was so very brave in fighting against the illness. I'm very sad that Betty MacDonald had to die at the age of only fifty. God gave Betty MacDonald the gift of laughter and generously she shared it with the world.
Betty MacDonald died of cancer. Wolfgang Hampel wrote five stories about Betty MacDonald's illness. He found out the most interesting facts because he could use many letters and documents for these stories for the first time. Don't miss them, please. Betty was really very brave, indeed. All Betty MacDonald Fans are very moved after reading these stories. So am I. Thanks A Million for writing these touching stories, dear Wolfgang Hampel.
Wolfgang Hampel, Founder of Betty MacDonald Fan Club and Betty MacDonald Society for Betty MacDonald Friends all over the world

Peter D. Sieruta, Author of Heartbeats and Other Stories:

'Betty MacDonald's illness' is very interesting. Perhaps Betty MacDonald's death was related to an over-exposure to X-rays during her TB treatment. Radiation can be very risky. When I was growing up my mother never liked for us to have too many X-rays at the dentist office and the dental staff used to make fun of her for this, saying that X-rays were perfectly safe. NOW, however, they are much more cautious when giving X-rays at the dentist office. They cover you with a lead bib and leave the room when taking those X-rays. It seemed like there was never much information about Betty's death in the media and it might be because cancer was once regarded as a "delicate" subject that was only whispered about.

Do you know who was the best ' friend' of Betty MacDonald? It was ............... STOVE!
You can see here photos of Betty MacDonald's chicken farm and her beloved 'darling' STOVE.