Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alison Bard Interviews on CD and DVD

Alison Bard is the brilliant sister of worldfamous writers Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard.

Wolfgang Hampel, journalist and author of several books and stories about Life and work of Betty MacDonald, interviewed Alison Bard several times. Alison Bard shared the most interesting facts and stories about family life and her beloved sisters Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard.

These interviews will be available on CD and DVD. Alison Bard got the same talent as her beloved sisters.She is an unique storyteller.

Wolfgang Hampel told us that it was such a wonderful experience to meet Alison Bard:

Betty MacDonald is a beloved writer all over the world. When I visited the very beautiful State of Washington in 1996 I really met the most wonderful people in the world. I’ll never forget visiting with Betty MacDonald’s really brillant and so very funny sister Alison Bard all the places and houses where the Bard family lived.
I only wished more Betty MacDonald fans had the opportunity to do this.

Alison Bard had never been interviewed before or afterwards.

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Betty MacDonald is a wonderful writer. She has so many fans.The Betty MacDonald Fan Club offers interviews on CD and DVD with Betty MacDonald and her sister Alison Bard. Betty and Alison are really very funny and you laugh tears about them. There are also biographical books and stories available written by author and journalist Wolfgang Hampel. They are really very interesting and exciting especially The Kettles' Million Dollar Egg about the lawsuit with Betty and the Kettles, The Egg and Betty, The Tragic End of Robert Heskett - Betty MacDonald's first husband, Betty and Mike - Mike was really a wonderful friend - and Betty MacDonald's illness.

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