In addition to Electra, Trepte also sang with the band Lift, also from Dresden, and later with the Magdeburg group Reform.
"My heart should be water / a salty water / that runs out of your eyes / if it overflows", Ludwig Trepte quoted from the song "My heart should be water", which his father had sung with an elevator. "On the last Monday you were 70 years old and tomorrow we wanted to go on vacation with your grandchildren," it said. "You were a gifted singer full of emotions and your voice went straight to my heart."Trepte came from Biehla in Saxony. After training as a mechanical engineer, he first played in amateur bands before being brought to the band by Electra boss Bernd Aust. Stephan Trepte sang Electra in 1972 as the first song “Ein den den Dom”. The band and their song also became known because the song was interpreted in the GDR as an advertisement for the church and the song was hardly officially played because of it.
After tensions at Electra, Trepte moved to Lift in 1974, two years later he went to Neon and finally ended up with Reform. He stayed with the band until the band broke up in 1986. Later Trepte participated in various music projects, including with former colleagues from the time with Lift and Electra. Trepte later joined Electra again and remained as a singer until the band was dissolved in 2015.
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