Thursday, June 25, 2015

Betty MacDonald and her daughters


Betty MacDonald fan club fans

i can't tell you  how much I enjoyed the Betty MacDonald Fan Club Events.

The Betty MacDonald Fan Club Events DVD's are outstanding.

I hope the new one of Betty MacDonald Fan Club Royal Wedding Event in Stockholm will be available very soon.

I can't wait.

Sitting in the garden and reading Betty MacDonald's books is a great feeling. 

I'm just sitting here in the shadow. The birds are singing and I'm reading Betty MacDonald's Onions in the Stew. 

It's so very peaceful at the moment - but not in Betty MacDonald's book. Not at all!

As I have three daughters Betty MacDonald's descriptions of Anne and Joan make me laugh aloud. 

Stifling a strong unmotherly desire to pick up the refrigerator and hurl it after them......

Sometimes I have the same feelings. 

Do you like the book cover of Betty MacDonald's Onions in the Stew?

Vote for your favourite Betty MacDonald book cover, please.

Deadline: June 30, 2015

If you are lucky enough you will be the owner of a signed first edition of one of Betty MacDonald's books.

Reading Betty MacDonald's books and Wolfgang Hampel's Betty MacDonald Biography is such a joy! 

My favourites are Wolfgang Hampel's very witty Betty MacDonald Interviews. 

I'm delighted that more Betty MacDonald Interviews will be published.

Betty MacDonald and her very witty sister Alison Bard Burnett are great ladies. 

Both have wonderful voices and laughs. 

It's a pleasure to have them around!

I'm sending all my love to Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli.

I hope to hear from my darling very soon.  


Wishing you a 'peaceful' Thursday - I enjoy mine very much,


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