Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Betty MacDonald fan club organizer Linde Lund and her friends

Dearest Astrid Arno Brad Joyce Claire, Jacqueline Damon Eva Ewa Dietmar Reyavel Janine Lorinda Sandra Jana Brigitte Amalia Ute Dawid Luzia Inna Thomas Duncan Nicole Nico Luna Paul Andi Iria Maria Hichem Max Larry Lila Miri Jose Malika, Tatjana Lou Claus Peter Nancy Brigitte Shaji Ram Jyoti Akash Peter Dieter Hiltrud Petr Hana Hella Martine Rosie Silvia Julieta Gabriele

thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes from my very dear friends. I'm so glad, happy and grateful. Thanks a million!

The greatest birthday gift however was that my little daughter who suffers from Leukemia feels better and the diagnose is a bit more positive than it was.

Dearest friends thanks a million for your love, understanding and support.

All my love to you from your friend Linde
Le meilleur cadeau pour les meilleurs personnes