Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Betty MacDonald DVD and ESC 2015 voting

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Betty MacDonald fan club fans,
Greta and her Betty MacDonald fan club team are still working on Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter April.
Be a bit patient, please.
Because of Betty MacDonald's and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's birthday activities Greta and her team are really very busy.
A new Betty MacDonald and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle birthday DVD  with many fascinating info on Wolfgang Hampel's updated Betty MacDonald biography and many other info and interviews will be available very soon.
We got a message from Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Letizia Mancino:

Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli’s favourite song for the Eurovision Song Contest is “Grande Amore”. 

It is about a Great Love and after all he is a Casanova  so that’s not surprising! 

By the way Mr. Tigerli  can vote for Italy because he is a German. 


Letizia Mancino

Speaking of Mr.  Tigerli's ESC votes could we have your votes, please?

Thanks a million for your outstanding support!

We already got many votes for ESC 2015 and are going to publish a current Betty MacDonald fan club ESC TOP 10 in alphabetical order very soon.

Which song is our most popular Eurovision Song Contest winner ever?
Our 4th most popular ESC winner song ever is my Nr. 1

Enjoy the love poem by Berthold Brecht.

Don't miss the new breakfast at the bookstore with Brad and Nick.

We are looking for a very famous actor and singer who celebrated birthday some days ago.

This beloved personality seems to be forever young. 

Hurry up, please.

If you know the name of this excellent actor and singer send us a mail please during Monday.

You can win a delightful Betty MacDonald fan club Easter surprise. 

Good luck!

Have a very nice Tuesday,



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