Thursday, March 26, 2015

Betty MacDonald and Monica Sone


Betty MacDonald fan club fans.

first Betty MacDonald can club honor member late Monica Sone, author of Nisei Daughter and Betty MacDonald's friend described as Kimi in Betty MacDonald's The plague and I, was sending very special Betty MacDonald birthday greetings some years ago:

Dear Betty MacDonald Fan Club fans,

Betty MacDonald's birthday is such a special occasion to celebrate a unique person.

She understood me so well when we met at the sanatarium.

I was young and uncertain about myself and others.

What a talent she had giving of herself in a framework of fun to learn how to laugh at oneself.

What a gift!! No wonder we continue to love her.

Thank you so much for Claire Dederer"s essay on Betty.

Betty would have been so pleased and also astounded that someone had studied her books on such a deep level.

Claire's understanding of Betty's character, also reveals Claire's own ability to do very intelligent, creative analysis.

I am profoundly happy with this, in memory of a wonderful human being.


Monica Sone

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