Sunday, December 7, 2014

Betty MacDonald and her favourite Christmas songs

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

one of our great Betty MacDonald fan club fans recently shared an outstanding letter by Betty MacDonald.

This very important and delightful letter by Betty MacDonald perfectly fits in the Christmas season.

Betty MacDonald describes how the family celebrates Christmas and she explains in detail her favourite Christmas songs.

Dear Betty MacDonald fan club fans send us your favourite Christmas song, please.

Deadline: December 15

We are going to publish the Betty MacDonald fan club Christmas Song TOP 5 and you can vote for one of these songs to find the Nr. 1.

Let's wait and see whether we'll agree with Betty MacDonald's most favourite Christmas song.

By the way don't miss O spotted prawn, O spotted prawn please.

It's really very witty.

I love many Christmas songs but my favourite is  this one!

Have a very nice Sunday,


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