Friday, August 1, 2014

Betty MacDonald's niece Alison S. Beck passed away

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

very sad news.

Betty MacDonald's niece Alison S. Beck - sister of Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Darsie Beck -  passed away on July 19th 2014 shortly before her 66th birthday.

Alison S. Beck and her mother Alison Bard Burnett had been interviewed by Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel.

The two very witty and charming Alisons are very much beloved because of this very funny and interesting interview.

Betty MacDonald fan club Memorial Award winner Wolfgang Hampel has very fond memories when the two Alisons and he visited the Bard homes in Laurelhurst and the University District.

Wolfgang Hampel, Linde Lund and Betty MacDonald fan club members and honor members are very sad about this loss.

We will miss Alison S. Beck very much.

All our love to Alison S. Beck's  family and friends,


Alison S. Beck

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