Thursday, May 1, 2014

Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter May 2014

Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

we are working on Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter May.

We are going to interview Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel asking him about his future Betty MacDonald fan club and other projects.

Every Betty MacDonald fan club fan knows Wolfgang Hampel's outstanding Betty MacDonald biography, his fascinating  interviews with Betty MacDonald's family and friends but also his very satirical poems.

We recently published Wolfgang Hampel's very witty Easter poem. What do you think about it?   It's not only funny but also rather political. What can we do against  very curious ' long ears ' ?

You know it was the last day of Betty MacDonald fan club ESC voting.

Every Betty MacDonald fan club ESC fan should visit Betty MacDonald fan club blog more often during these days.

What's the reason why?

It's because we are going to publish every day until May 10 ( ESC Grand Final 2014)  our places 10 to our Nr. 1.

This means today we are going to publish Nr. 10 of Betty MacDonald fan club ESC voting 2014 and Nr. 10 BEST ESC Song voting.

Just wait and see!  It's going to be   VERY  exciting. Who will be our Nr. 10 in both votings?

As I voted yesterday I'll publish my votings today:

ESC 2014: Spain 12, Germany 10, UK 8, Sweden 7, Armenia 6, Ukraine 5, Azerbaijan 4, Austria 3, Russia 2, Romania 1

ESC BEST SONG: Sweden 12, Germany 10, Ukraine 8, Italy 7, Greece 6, Ireland 5, Norway 4, Spain 3, UK 2, Portugal 1

I guess Spain will win ESC 2014 and Sweden will be ESC BEST SONG winner but as you can see in my votings there might be also some other countries with great chances to win!



Easter poem by Wolfgang Hampel

Wolfgang Hampel

My dad says you can look in my computer