Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Betty MacDonald Xmas party


Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

let's celebrate a special Betty MacDonald Xmas party.

If you win the Betty MacDonald fan club Xmas treasure parcel your Xmas will be special.

You can read the Betty MacDonald fan club Xmas treasure question during this week.

Everybody can take part. You don't have to be a Betty MacDonald fan club member. Send your answer to our contact address, please and if you are the first one and your answer is ok you'll be the winner.

Very easy, isn' t it.

Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel and other Betty MacDonald collectors are going to  add some very special Betty MacDonald items.

Our very popular Betty MacDonald fan club honor members Letizia Mancino and Mr. Tigerli are real Xmas angles because they have a huge Xmas surprise for all of us.

You'll love it.



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