Monday, November 4, 2013

Betty MacDonald links


hi Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Martine, I agree. There is no  reason why we shouldn't discuss important political issues.

To me Edward Snowden is sort of a hero who was kind of an eye opener for us. This situation has to be changed.
Just my opinion.

I've read several very interesting letters by Betty MacDonald who supported the Democrats.

Martine you mentioned Betty MacDonald's experiences with a spy.

Where can I find some more info about this?

I'm very curious to know.

We have great Betty MacDonald fan club news.

There is a new Betty MacDonald blog  '  Betty MacDonald links  '.

You can find very interesting Betty MacDonald links in the future.

Wolfgang Hampel and many Betty MacDonald fan club research teams are working very hard on the new updated Betty MacDonald biography.

New interviews by Wolfgang Hampel with very witty Alison Bard Burnett, Betty MacDonald's sister will be available.


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