Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Betty MacDonald biography


Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

don't forget to send your Betty MacDonald fan club contest answer.

Only a few days are left.

You can win Betty MacDonald's autobiography Who, me? plus some very interesting letters by Betty MacDonald, DVD's with Wolfgang Hampel's Betty MacDonald interviews and many other excellent Betty MacDonald fan club items.

You can read the most interesting info regarding Wolfgang Hampel's updated Betty MacDonald biography in Betty MacDonald fan club newsletter November.

I guess Betty MacDonald fan club honor member Mr. Tigerli and very beautiful Natalie with her outstanding voice are going to win Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

Germany with Cascada and Glorious should have won ESC 2013.

It's my favourite but I also like Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Malta, Ireland, UK and Austria.

How is our beloved Russian lady doing? I think of her every day.

Christina it's true Betty MacDonald would have loved the song  ' From a distance '.

Everybody can learn a lot from the lyrics of this song.

It's true if you listen to Cascada's song The World is in our hands.


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