Sunday, January 6, 2013

Betty MacDonald letters framed


Greetings to Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

Antoine, I was very happy reading your  great Betty MacDonald news.

Send me your grandmother's address, please. I'm going to send her a Betty MacDonald surprise.

I've framed my  Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen letters and photos which I got from my parents.
They hang over my desk and I can read and see them while working on Pc.

I promised Jacoba, Pieter and Astrid to share info, photos and letters for one of the following  Betty MacDonald fan club newsletters.

I'm working on the story at the moment.

I interviewed my parents many years ago with my video camera.
They told me about their very funny and exciting experiences meeting Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard Jensen.

You'll be able to see it at our next international Betty MacDonald fan club meeting.

Antoine, you mentioned  you have a helper syndrome but I can understand Betty MacDonald very well.

Betty MacDonald hated big bores and said it's a waste of time to have them around.
Betty MacDonald was right.

Who is this new famous russian citizen you are talking about?

I'm afraid I missed these news.

Goscha, I'm a fan of Mr. Tigerli and his russian girl. There are many of us.

Best wishes for 2013,