Saturday, November 24, 2012

Betty MacDonald's cats

Anita & Eartha Kitt II:

I hope you'll enjoy my next  Betty MacDonald fan club story about Betty MacDonald's cats.

Petronella, Eartha and I are looking forward to read your Betty MacDonald essay about Christmas.

I can feel that Eartha is a bit jealous of Mr. Tigerli's russian girl.

Eartha gives me a very cold look after I finished this sentence.
Excuse me, Eartha darling I won't do it again.

Mr. Tigerli we are so curious to read your new story.

Do you think this is true?  I do!
Dictators like dogs, artists prefer cats.

You can't educate a cat, they educate us.

I know Eartha Kitt II and Mr. Tigerli agree with me.
Betty MacDonald's dog Tudor won't.

Sunny November greetings,

Anita & Eartha Kitt II