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Neureuther on a funny memory of Beckenbauer and comparison with his Rosi: “Very connected on the inside”

Mercury Neureuther on a funny memory of Beckenbauer and comparison with his Rosi: “Very connected on the inside” Article by Marcus Giebel • 19 hours “Something very special” Christian Neureuther talks about Franz Beckenbauer's tactics on the ski slopes. At the same time, he sees a close connection to Rosi Mittermeier. Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Whoever talks about Franz Beckenbauer these days gives the impression that the “Emperor” could really do everything. Whether with or without the ball. In a personal interview with, Christian Neureuther now reveals that Germany's football legend, who died on January 7th, didn't necessarily cut a good figure on skis. Neureuther on Beckenbauer’s skills on the ski slopes: “Lots of fun memories” “He said he could float over the slopes like over the football field,” says the 74-year-old, referring to trips to the mountains together: “And that’s just not possible when skiing.” There were “many funny memories.” He doesn't go into detail, just this much: "He had so much talent for football that there was nothing left for skiing." After all, Beckenbauer always seems to have sailed down the mountains unscathed. Although not nearly as elegant as Neureuther's wife Rosi Mittermeier, who died a year ago, won two Olympic gold medals and three World Cup titles and captivated people in the same way as the shining light of German football. Franz Beckenbauer and Rosi Mittermeier playing golf Death of Franz Beckenbauer: “Inwardly very connected” to Rosi Mittermeier Neureuther also can't avoid comparing the two sports stars - and not because they were particularly successful. “A year after Rosi’s death, it occurs to me that these two people were very connected inside,” he emphasizes: “That is something very special.” He is “very happy that I was also able to experience Franz so closely.” . Mittermeier and Beckenbauer also left an immense human legacy, emphasizes Neureuther. “We have to take what both of us have given us into the now and into the future. It’s no longer about us, it’s about the next generations, the children and grandchildren,” says the father of two and grandfather of four. This is all the more important because we live in a world that is currently extremely difficult and dangerous. We have to counter this.” A reference to the increasing radicalization that is also becoming more and more widespread in Germany and has so far culminated in unexpectedly high poll numbers for the AfD. Neureuther about mourning Mittermeier: “You can bring something positive forward from this” After about a year, Neureuther is “very optimistic, happy and positive” about dealing with his grief for his wife. He is aware: “Discipline is also part of it. Then everything works.” At the same time, he also wants to send an example to other people who have to go through a similar situation. He wanted to say: “Even if you lose someone you loved endlessly and still love, you can still bring something positive out of it.” Of course, this also applies to the Beckenbauer family. But she is far from alone in her grief, as demonstrated by the great sympathy at the memorial service in FC Bayern's Allianz Arena. In addition to all sorts of celebrities from sports and politics, countless fans also filled the stands to pay their last respects to the football idol in a fitting setting. Honorary President Uli Hoeneß, a long-time companion, gave a particularly emotional speech. Mourning for Franz Beckenbauer: Christian Neureuther emphasizes the reliability of the emperor And Neureuther doesn't just think about the shared experiences in the snowy mountains either. Where he was able to give Beckenbauer valuable tips on the way to the valley. But also of a personality who was there for others. “Perhaps he was more willing to help ordinary people than others,” he speculates and praises: “I don’t know a more reliable person than Franz. When you needed him, he had time and came. He kept his word.” Perhaps this is the greatest of all compliments that accompany Beckenbauer on his final journey. (mg)